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Get back to regular exercise in general. I really just need to get into shape after a couple-year layoff from exercise. No weight training or distance running for me. They're both too boring. I got a heavy bag and stand from the missus and mom for Christmas, so I'm planning to get back to working with that starting this coming weekend.

For specific goals, I'd like more endurance. I'll be happy if I can keep up with my teenage half brothers in family touch football games. Also, get some tone. I definitely want to get a bit bigger, but I don't want to put on too much size, and I'm hoping my skinny frame will allow me to get pretty cut up without adding too much bulk. Bag work should be ideal for this. I don't have a lot of fat to burn, so any muscle I gain should mostly translate to weight gain, but I'm not looking for too much at all.
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I'm already regretting I put this threak up
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Half marathon in May or June
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Originally Posted by Derek92 View Post


Ill get that 500lb deadlift this year probably. At 415 now, not too bad I suppose.
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Best of luck. Do you have your training laid out for the year?
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Originally Posted by knucks View Post

Best of luck. Do you have your training laid out for the year?

Pick up heavy things once a week and pick up light things with chains on them very fast and occasionally increase weight. Sophisticated as fuck.
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well, ive never done that
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Originally Posted by fuji View Post

Pick up heavy things once a week and pick up light things with chains on them very fast and occasionally increase weight. Sophisticated as fuck.

Sounds good to me icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
knucks, what lifts are you curious about? I've deadlifted 410 for a triple, squat 300x1, Log C+J 175. Most of my lifts aren't very impressive but I created lofty goals because I think I can achieve them with hard work. Plus I just started training consistently so I think and hope my lifts will increase nicely with my more steady program. But most of my actual goals are based quarterly because it keeps me from losing focus. I think thats the best way to set em.
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Interesting twist. I just returned from the Dr and Physical Therapist. Seems I have an injured or minor tear of my rotator cuff. I now have to learn to work out in an all new way. But I must work out to keep my arm and muscles in tone. So, I have an all new challenge to my 2012 fitness goals.
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Squat 315 and deadlift 405 are my main strength goals

I'd like to drop a little fat from my midsection in the process

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With a medium to flirting-with-serious 5x5 for 10 months out of last year, I went from never having squatted before to topping out at 175 while still maintaining enough of a running regimen that I can do 2mi twice and a 5mi+ once a week (I know, I know - fuck the cardio - but it's in my blood).

I'm gonna squat 250 by end of next year with the same cardio level, and keep my 33" waist. I'm 6'3" @ 180, wanna stay about there - maybe a bit more mass.

Along the way I learned to love the military press, but I flat out suck at pull ups. Still topping out at a wimpy ass 4 - yeah, four. Gotta get to 10 or, fuckin-a, 15 by end of next year.
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I plan on running a half marathon late this year. I am also looking into trying a sprint triathlon before the year is out. My ultimate goal is to shake this nagging injury I have and get back into "game" shape. I started playing soccer in a seniors league (the first time I have played soccer in my life) and I am trying to put together a basketball team. I can put in lots of miles but it still will not get me in the kind of shape I need to be in to play in either league the way I expect from myself.
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didn't do so well in 2011 with my goals because of a nagging neck/shoulder injury but looking to get back into it for 2012.

Surf City Full in early Feb. would really like to break 4:00

Breath of Life Olympic distance tri in June

Naples Island 3 mile swim in August/Sept - this will be the most difficult by far for me

Endure the Bear 30K in Sept

and i'll probably get in a few halfs here and there.

someone should resurrect this thread in December 2012.

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6'1 190lbs at 10% body fat. I am at 192.5lbs right now on my bulk and plan to keep bulking till March. My body fat level is starting to get very uncomfortable for me though. I will stick with it and start cutting slowly in March. I lift for aesthetics strength is a good side effect for me.

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some of you guys have some pretty serious goals.

right now I have a couple for the year -

1. finally get up to 220 on my routine bench
2. 100 rep (with rests in the middle) overheard squat with 2 X 24 kilo kettlebells
3. 10 mile race in may
4. possibly chicago marathon
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