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I am surprised I missed this thread for so long. I am even more surprised, given the general conservatism regnant on CM, that there is so much interest in and enthusiasm for male bracelets. I should have thought the question, "How to do it properly," would have been answered by a chorus of "not at all." Although there were some few answers to this effect, there was hardly a consensus.

I had rather thought bracelets for men were a relic of the hippie era. As a counterpoise to hippie beads, some people wore bracelets with the names of POW/MIAs on them. I wore neither. Some men I worked with wore bracelets made from the tail hairs of elephants. Invariably, they had shot the elephants themselves. In my more sanguinary youth, I probably would have enjoyed shooting an elephant, but I still wouldn't have worn one of those bracelets, in all probability.

In sum, I strongly dislike jewelry on men. I won't even wear a wedding ring, which I consider to be (for men) an un-American novelty. (They really only came into vogue in the post-WWII era.) However, I do recognize that in some other cultures, jewelry for men was far more commonplace. The Northmen in their heroic age were certainly a hyper-masculine lot, yet they were very big on rings and arm jewelry and such, just to give one example.

Maybe I am just being an old fogey.
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By the time this thread arrived, much discussion had been had and many of the naysayers had effectively given up. Bracelets were quite the thing for a while, along with fake lapel flowers, but both fads have waned.
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Just bought this one.

Would it be possible to make it smaller?
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I prefer metal.


And Swiss
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