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ok, just blowing off steam. finally watched the two-hour "Spanish Influenza" episode. at the end my wife turned to me and said "why did we watch that?". no good answer. i can't remember a series going from great to awful so quickly. i'm hoping that there is some kind of weird inside-the-biz explanation for it ... like maybe they decided that two seasons was too long for world war I to last (depressing!). that's what it felt like. the first season was soap-operay, but so was Dickens. the pleasure in it came from the way the story unfolded and the way you came to appreciate the characters and their nuances. this season, character exposition was two lines, then climax (insert conne sex joke here). it was like a parody.
and yes, i'll probably watch the christmas episode, too.
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I've watched through the end of the second season. It is sad how the storylines became so over the top. The amnesiac relative twist was so stupid. I will still watch season 3 I'm sure.
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let's count the stupidities: amnesiac relative; butler's murdered wife; grantham's "fling", spanish flu comes and goes faster than a mild case of food poisoning; death bed scene; stupid heir who doesn't even want to knock knees with eldest daughter; stupid chauffeur subplot; it just goes on and on ... so tell me, do you think grantham is on some kind of mood stabilizer?
yeah, i'll watch season 3, too.
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You guys HAVE to watch the Xmas episode already!
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those of us who observe the copyright law are forced to be patient ... well, in most cases (thanks again for the Zen, Rambo!)
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Originally Posted by foodguy View Post

those of us who observe the copyright law are forced to be patient ... well, in most cases (thanks again for the Zen, Rambo!)

I could produce another such package in mere hours. Just let me know.

And you're welcome. Anything for an e-friend.
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I'm in the midst of watching season 1 right now on Netflix. They only show season 1 as available. Where does one get access to season 2? I didn't see anywhere to view it on line.
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You can watch season 2 on your PBS station such as
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When is this scheduled to come back?
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The next series is due this September, although I'm not sure if PBS is going to be showing it a few months late again. It ended on ITV last Christmas. Allegedly it could be the last appearances for Maggie Smith and some of the other characters who have not signed on longer.
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thx for the info.

I'll miss Maggie Smith, she's one of my favorite characters.
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The third series is on across the pond now. It's actually on its third episode with some banter on dressing properly for dinner.

Pacing and plot is more akin to the first season and the Christmas special.
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Just started watching this (finished season 1 on netflix). A little too soapy for my tastes but still entertaining.
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I think the second series was played a bit too "safe". That may have been a result of the first series widespread success and concerns about appealing to a broader audience?
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