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I love this show. Before I started it about 6 weeks ago on amazon prime, I assumed it would just be a show for women and watched it to appease my fiancée. After a few episodes I was hooked.

Bummed about the delay, surely people will just pirate it here in the states, no?
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Lets put it this way--I know tons of people that talk about what happened in the most recent episode, just a day or two after it aired in the UK.
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Originally Posted by gort View Post

surely people will just pirate it here in the states, no?

Reason #803 digital is making it easy to get what people want while destroying the revenue at the same time.
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Thanks, Cary Grant. Insightful.
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There is one plus to waiting for the PBS airing. You get to see the Christmas special in sequence right after the last episode whereas in the UK there is a wait of a month before you get the last tidbit.

So does that mean we are not discussing the show until PBS or I must put spoiler tags over everything? I thought it was pretty interesting. I felt sorry for Sybil's daughter and with one of the upstairs people gone there are simply too many servants in the show. I'm really unsure what the future for Mrs. Crawley will be. She has very little connection to Downton Abbey now.
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We are NOT discussing until PBS airs it. Don't even bother with spoiler tags.
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Alright mate
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Thanks, Cary Grant. Insightful.

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Just watched the season finale. It was almost too much to believe that everyone was so happy and the Bates were running off to have sex. Good on Carson too!
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I also enjoyed the finale. I'll be sad to see Branson go.
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