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Hello all, I wish to ask a question regarding the shoes of Bally. The other day I saw a pair that was quite attractive in a model called Ravino. They are in black, leather soled, and a toe that is somewhat similar in design to Gucci with a wide part, and then narrowing to a point that is not quite a point. Also how is the qua;ity compared to say, Ferragamo or Magli? The ones I saw were Bally's better models not the sport or such. Thank you
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My experience with Bally, and I bought 2 pairs last year, was mixed. I love, love, love the leather and the styling. I have a pair of black loafers that are incredibly soft and supple and look really cool. I also own a pair of brown semi-brouges that I bought for $50 at an outlet. They are amazingly comfortable as well. But, they aren't very durable. The loafers have a thin leather sole and I wore holes in it after a year of use, and I only use shoes once a week at a maximum. I got them resoled, but now they are painfully uncomfortable. It feels like stepping on a tennis ball with the middle of my foot every time I step down. A real shame. The semi-brouges are holding up well, but I have scaled back my use of them owing to what happened with the loafers.
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Bally seems to have several lines. Stay away from Bally shoes with a tag sewn into the insole -- they are not of the finest quality. The rest seem to be outstanding (they're not John Lobb, mind you, but they're not Ferragamo either). I've had no durability problems.
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The pair I saw had the name Bally embossed into the leather lining inside, and on the bottom leather sole as well.
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The loafers have a thin leather sole and I wore holes in it after a year of use, and I only use shoes once a week at a maximum.
Was this the Havana loafer (which looks and feels like a slipper)?  I have a pair in brown, and soon realized after taking a few steps outdoors that it is meant to be worn around the house or while driving a car. My experience with Bally has been mixed.  Last year, I bought a pair of black plain-toe oxfords.  The tip of the outsole of one of the shoes began peeling away from the shoe after a few wearings -- not something one would expect from a $370 shoe (which granted I bought for around $180).  I took the shoes back the store for repair, and a few months later, received them back with reinforced tips.  I haven't had any problems since.  In my opinion, the leather is of pretty high quality, and comparable to Magli.  I can't comment on how it compares to Ferragamo, because I don't own any Ferragamos.
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AC: I don't know if they are the havana style or not. They are almost a penny style loafer with a strap of leather across the top and a notch as in a penny hole. It's a damn shame because they are the best pair of shoes I've ever worn, comfort wise. You are right about the leathers, they are fabulous.
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