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VK Nagrani makes the best boxer briefs I have ever tried, by far. They actually fit exceptionally well and don't ride up. The, um, "port" in front is ingeniously designed as well. Their boxers are pretty nice as well.

I am a big fan of his socks as well, but heard he got into the clothing business because he couldn't find underwear that fit well. IMO, he got it right.

For undershirts, my favorite hands down are the higher end 2(x)ist Pima cotton. They are a slightly ribbed design that fit close to the body but aren't at all restrictive. Their regular line is nothing special. Not a fan of their boxers.

I like these so well that I have gotten rid of all my other underwear now and these are all I wear.
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Andrew Christian or Brooks Brothers
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JC Penny's 100% cotton heavy weight Stafford underwear. I'm serious. Nothing else comes close.
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HANES slightly irregular boxer-briefs...all of the bang for a fraction of the buck. I wear them short and tight to show off my quads...and my package.

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Originally Posted by Scandihooligan View Post

As mentioned a few times earlier, I too prefer Under Armour boxer briefs in the 9" inseam. Especiially the Touch series. The fabric has a feel similar to cotton, but with the benefits of synthetic materials. I stumbled into this because I use their boxerjocks (short inseam boxer briefs) exclusively at the gym. I was tired of boxers bunching under my pants and tightly whities are just not comfortable to me. I started wearing them under my jeans but it wasn't long until they became a staple and replaced everything else. As I said earlier, I find the long inseam the most comfortable under trousers and for all day wear.

I will say I have tried the UA Mesh series and found them very tight fitting and just uncomfortable. I stick to the O Series and Touch Series.
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To be honest I was a little bit skeptical of the elephant thong. Took a leap of faith a while ago and now I can say for sure I'll never go back!

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I'm really into Lululemon boxer-briefs. I exercise a lot on the road and I need those things to dry quickly.

TMI I realize all too late.
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Anyone else try the SAXX underwear, I only saw one post about them and I was considering as they have some nice designs?

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Hanro FTW. Used to think the prices are crazy (because they are), but then I tried them and was instantly hooked. So now I'm 100% hanro for undershirts and underwear (mercerized cotton varieties).

Once you've built up a full rotation, it's only a few hundred bucks a year run rate to maintain it. Value judgement is personal, but nothing else has as big an impact on comfort for me, especially in hot weather. Extremely light, extremely breatheable, and soft.
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I've been a long time wearer of Under Armour Men's The Original 3'' Boxerjock® Boxer Briefs. The Under Armors are great, but if I want something more sexy, I reach for the MeUndies trunks.
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For a classic boxer short, I'm very fond of the ones Neiman Marcus sells. They have them regularly at last chance for around fifteen bucks.
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Anyone else try the SAXX underwear, I only saw one post about them and I was considering as they have some nice designs?

I have several pairs of the SAXX and think they are amazing.  The "pocket" really works and helps keep thing separated and where they need to be.  High quality and definitely worth the price.


For a much lower cost option, I like the jockey boxer briefs with a bit of spandex in them (also make a longer leg version, which tends to ride up less).

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Garcon model (new brand) - beyond comfy. Seriously.

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Actually, I had saxx and the fit was horrid and couldn't even feel the pocket. The pocket really doesn't do anything, it's mainly a marketing twist. Let's be real.

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CK boxers is the best underwear I was wearing.


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