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What is too stylish?

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I have a client that is fairly business professional which is ok because I like wearing my suits but I am just concerned about being overly stylish. Today I wore a black suit with a dark blue shirt and felt like people were eyeballing me.
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I don't think anything can be considered "too stylish." What you must keep in mind when dressing is 1) what the occasion is and 2) who your audience is. During the day time for business wear, a black suit with a dark shirt may look to clubish or runwayish. The last thing that you want, especially in a business meeting, is to make others feel uncomfortable. One way to do this is to make them feel "underdressed" or that you are trying to show them up.
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I've always been taught that you can never be too overdressed. It's better to go over than to miss by a bit. Of course, I can see how this would be a problem in intimidating your client (not a good thing). So when you get dressed for a meeting of some sort, keep in mind whom you will encounter.
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Business requires subtle style, and although i dont consider the outfit you wore to be over the top by any means, maybe you would consider tryin a shirt with cooler colors, light blue or something like it. Also consider that your clients are older than you, and most likely everyone else is too, I say that because it sounds as if your still feeling around for your own style in your offices. These people may not be used to fresher looking suits and newer styles. get your self in a position where people need to conform there style to yours, and break the mold. Were gonna change the world of style brother, we're the up and comers.
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Always dress for the occasion. I believe that being overdressed is going to a frat party in an Armani suit. Under dressed would be arriving in clothes that haven't been washed in a million years. Most days now I wear a simple micropique polo shirt with differnet patters or simply solid.
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