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I just can't switch to a Kindle. Somehow it just doesn't feel right.

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Fucking cowards. There's little I find more boner worthy than stacked bookshelves. My dream is to have a serious collection of very good books. I'm well on my way.
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Dudes with real books are infinitely hotter than dudes who don't own any and just use their kindle. Scrap the self-help books, though. There's something that always seems a little sad and naive about people who have them. Also, books just look nice.
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Almost every single book on my kindle I already own physically.

I like having books, I just don't like carrying them with me on the subway, flights, etc.
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Originally Posted by trapline View Post

1. Look interesting for company coming over? They are mainly business and self help books.

Self help books are probably not the best books you would proudly have on display..

I also have a lot of book which I accumulated throughout the years (in 3 languages) and some of them are dear to me and I will never get rid of them. I treat books like movies now; if I LOVE the book I will keep a copy, otherwise read and donate.

I got a Kindle last year and only read 3 books on it; I love the functionality and availability of content but you just cant replace the feel of reading a real book. I now got the iPad and will give iBook another shot, but again I have a feeling it will be mostly used for reading eBooks, PDF files and different variety of manuals, guides and short literature.

I will keep buying (real) books!
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Hello i have the same interest in books can you recommend any self-help books or business books, so far ive read a lot of books by Anthony Robbins.
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Is the show anything like Hardcore Pawn?
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Both my parents own bookstores (my dad a rare book and map shop, mom a used pulpy bookshop), so in addition to working at them since I was eight or nine, I always grew up with tons of books. I love my library. I downsize every three or four years, and give any thing light & popular (e.g. Grisham, modern Stephen King) to my mom so she can sell it, but I still have around two-thousand books. I love it. They have been a pain to pack up and move, but well worth it.
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I have a lot of books on the shelves, both classics and a lot of non-fiction. I do have an e-reader that I will read new fiction or books that I plan on only going through once.

As an author of non-fiction books, I am in the middle of the printed v. e-book shift. My books have photos, which I think come out better on the printed page, as well as having the ability to flip back and forth for endnotes. However, the ability to integrate more features into an e-reading experience is exciting.

For what it's worth, my sales of e-books have been on the upswing at a faster clip than the printed titles, though my last printed title is two years old at this point. I'll see when my next one comes out in Feb how things shake out in terms of where the sales are coming from.
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