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@gdl203 were you at the show?
Yes we were there. The collection had a great vibe IMO. Maybe because I'm an old fart and have some of my own memories of the eighties. The mix of the late punk rock details and darkness (hello Nina Hagen) with the fluo colors so typical of the early 80s, was quite interesting to me.
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I would love a robo sweater.

In terms of recent knits I loved the fisherman and if I found a large I would try it and hope it fit, I liked the Gustav as well and the panelled mohair one from a year or so ago. But as always, no XL/52 were made.

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Originally Posted by OccultaVexillum View Post

Those drop crotch trousers look really nice and I will wear this entire fit all day:


Really like this color. I'd rock the whole ensemble too, the weight of it looks just right.

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in case anyone is interested, the "Lust & Sound" that was painted on the first layer of plexiglass panel on the right is a reference to the film Lust & Sound in West Berlin


collection felt very "soft punk" to me. loved it. there's also a jacket version of the moto vest (look 24) with the embroidery and patches, and both pieces are so badass. really liked the muted leopard prints, especially on the grey/purple/black photographer shirt. lots of frayed edges as well, which I'm really into. the strap "bomber" is actually more of a bomber/blazer/moto jacket hybrid — it's got sleeve zips! the yellow/black striped short sleeve shirt is a must, as is the color blocked shirt from look 2. the paisley souvenir jackets are also a cool take on the older RG S/S bombers; I think the patch bomber is as close to a souvenir jacket as an RG bomber has ever been until this season. 

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All paisley everything.
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Speaking of photographer shirts, that's what the printed shirt RG was wearing is, right?
I still wish I could find the black and red patterned version from last season in a 52 even 50, I only ever saw it at Maas and Stacks though.
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Same here, didn't even know I was sleeping till it was too late. Seen it a few times on @keanswon's instagram and it looks great. I only saw it at Maas and I think one of the Japanese retailers? Would kill for a 48.


I remember East Dane had the blue/grey non-photog cut of the Drifter print shirt. Kinda wish I had given that a shot too, I remember it lasted at sale price for awhile.


Won't make the same mistake when the AW16 shirt hits.

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RG is wearing a shirt from the upcoming FW16 right ?
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High Snobiety has some nice images of the collection in this article
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Has anyone had much experience with the leathers? Just picked up the Fritz moto jacket from FW13 (in Lamb), for super cheap, but am a bit clueless when it comes to leather in general (besides shoes), first Geller piece and first leather jacket (the price was seriously good, praying that the 'like new' description proves to be true). I've yet to feel a leather that feels 'supple' or 'buttery' when browsing in shops, yet that's what I've read that I should be after for a 'good' quality one (obviously I know that Cow leather would be different, not looking for something that is stiff/needs a lot of breaking in)

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That poor Fritz jacket has been turning circles around Grailed for a while now...the current seller is at least the third owner, which makes you at least the fourth. It could still be in great condition, though. The Fritz is definitely an acquired taste, but on people who can pull it off, I think it looks fantastic.


Others have had far more experience with Geller leather than I have, so I won't say much, but for the one Geller leather I owned, the leather itself was neither a selling point nor disappointing. It was good enough (this one was sheep). I sold it because I decided I don't like padded leathers, and this one had a bit of bulk.

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Haha, thanks for that, hopefully 4th time's the charm... Did the whole measuring thing beforehand and know that that style suits me (besides the bondagey shoulder details, shall have to see about those), so fingers crossed that there's not some other terrible secret which keeps leading to it being sold. Have seen shots on Totokaelo where the black looks almost purple, which could be cool. Anyway, thanks again for the info :thumbs-up:

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Kind of related, but not really. Did that shearling "leather" from a few seasons ago ever get produced (2013 I think)? I'm pretty sure it was a neoprene faux leather or something, I'll go through the runway shit and see if i can find it but I remember really liking it but I never saw it get picked up.

Edit: this jacket, Fw13.

That whole year was awesome too, SS13 was amazing.
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whenever an item is sold that many times...there always is a terrible secret :teach:


SS17 looked really good, can't wait to see more...just like can't wait to see AW16 in stores


Anyone else always think that the very very very very very very very last fit of the show is always the best?

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