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So I got the SS15 bound shirt, but am admittedly not feeling too confident on how to style it.  My intent was to wear it tucked & cuffed like it was on the runway, either in a traditional Geller aesthetic or skinny black + geller styling.  I'm worrying that i'm giving off too much of a fabio, flowing open blouse vibe in a bad way when I wear it tucked.  I'm not really into just wearing it like a baseball shirt, but threw in some pics for reference.  Any feedback/suggestions would be much appreciated.


pic dump: in order of preference-ish (Click to show)


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I think it looks dope in all of them tbh, I think the best (and how I would wear it) is unbottoned with the sleeves rolled with the grey undershirt/tank.

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Picked up black/blue richard pant, can't wait :)

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i think the undershirt helps fight back any flowing blouse vibes flowcharts. imo looks great in all those fit
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I would keep it tucked, it looks nice. but I still would go sans undershirt.

Like the flecked hat, Larose?
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yeah, not really summer appropriate but it's my only hat:embar:

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I like it best unbuttoned with the black jeans though I may be biased and dont really wear trousers.

The black/blue richard pants look great in those outfits. I have the jacket but never got the pants because theyre cropped.

If anyone got the cut sleeve hoodie from ssense in large but dont want it hmu
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What's the over/under on Totokaelo having the boots for fall/winter? They've carried the RG x CP stuff in the past but not recently, and this season they didn't seem to even restock mainline CP's on the web store. I have like $360 in credit and I'm trying to figure out if o should buy some stuff now or just wait for the boots (it would basically mean they are half price with the credit).
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Also does anybody have any of the Oskar sunglasses they are looking to sell?
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Shoot them an email, they're usually pretty knowledgable about their buys. Nordstrom will be getting a size run of the tan, charcoal and the navy color way boots
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That's cool. I wonder if that's in-store only like CP's.
And yeah I did speak to a rep at Totokaelo and she said they don't have their buys on-hand so she couldn't say for sure, but she would "pass on your interest in the RG x CP products to the buying team".
I'm just gonna wait and see, even if they don't get the boots in sure they'll have at least one of the bombers and there's a bunch of stuff I want from next season.
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They'll be online exclusives actually which is weird. For sure! Excited for the bombers/pants selection
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What are the f/w colors for the boots?

Also, who's tried type 1s? Like the fit feom RG's insta but wondering if I can make them fit. Had to size up to a 32 the in the type 2s. Will type 1 be like leggings? Or will they stretch out nicely? I don't skip leg day
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@msg navy, dark grey, and sand
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Type 2, sized up
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