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Originally Posted by flowcharts View Post

NMWA sample sale is online, there are a few Geller pieces fwiw.  

This is the coolest: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/privatesale16/chunky-knit-crewneck-sweater-in-navy-and-purple.html

How do you access the sale?
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@wurlwyde they sent the link via email to members of the founders circle. I guess its so they get first crack at it. Not sure if the link will work but

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Nothing good can come of posting a private sale link.

Anyone know how that purple knit fits? TTS?
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NMWA says that sales link is fair game now. Founders circle already got it in advance.
Why has nobody bought the 48 beige B3 on fwrd yet? It's like $350.
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Actually it's $304, possibly another 10% with code
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Even better.
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Fits tts or size down? Was looking at it hehe
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Apparently you can go either way. Melo said he sized up and other people sized down. I don't have one.
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Went TTS, would cop if I didn't already have a black b3

Should also say TTS fits roomy for layers as well
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I feel like these have to be a love it or hate it kind of thing, but I really like them, 48 for a steal on the real real.

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The top one is cool for layering. Like under the lace coat.
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anyone know whats up with the sizing on these hats?
Circumference measures 15" thats like baby head?
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^ dunno how they measure... had to order 3 different polkadot shirts to get the right size...
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how does the pea coat on nmwa fit? geller outwear always fits a little tight for me in the pits when i go TTS (48) but wide in the body. curios if I can get away with the 50 for the pea, considering i would maybe later with it anyway
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Are you referring to the RG Canadian coat? If so, it is an oversized fit. Still go TTS though. It is a bit of an awkward fit. If you have not seen it in person, I would suggest getting a fit pic to see what it really looks like. Just my two cents.
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