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1 and 4 are definitely my favorites. That purplish grey goes so so well with monochrome white-through-black. I want those pants in 4.

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Originally Posted by OccultaVexillum View Post

That's awesome @artishard116 that last look in the spoiler especially, I love that Dominik coat

Thanks man. Same here. Picked one up for myself even.
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That editorial convinced me on the flight bomber...
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Did any shops besides fwrd get the linen jumpsuit in?

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No(t yet).
I'm really hoping somebody has a navy 52 coming. Or any 52.
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That editorial is so good I looked at it again on my surface, much better than using my phone
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Thanks @artishard116 for the great look book and also for guest curating our SS16 selection. Both came out great!

Thanks @toothsomesound and @conceptual 4est for the good work on the shoot!
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Wow that looks great

What's the shirt button down in the first pic? All those fits look great

I believe this one (only 48 left at this point)
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^My pleasure!

Yeah that's the shirt. A couple non-SS16 things snuck in as filler.
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Is the model wearing the Robert shirt in beige in the photos at the end of the editorial?

Also would it be redundant to buy the Robert shirts in both charcoal and beige? Hmmm
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^ Correct. I think they compliment each other nicely. Fit is a little on the small side fyi.
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Ah ok. Thanks for the heads-up
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As a true 52 in Geller, I ended up scooping the size 50 Hooded Bomber - I really hope it works. Like, really. I still hate @OccultaVexillum and the mystery man from SSENSE who got the only two size 52's ever in production apparently

These are the woes of being so damn swole

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Sorry I'm not sorry :fence:


Also, I just got an email from a guy at Refresh (I emailed last week asking what they had in a 52 tops, 50/52 bottom). He just got back to me and said they are still in the process of shooting it all but he wanted to send me a few photos of what they had in my size - it's the long flannel in white/biege/blue (which looks great) and the navy blue bleach spray crewneck. From his email I gather it's everything they have in my size - just what they've shot so far. Obviously they also have both colours of the bballs. 

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Glad somebody is carrying the white long shirt. Anture had pics of it on instagram but it was nowhere to be seen when they put their stuff online
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With the competition ITT I'm halfway contemplating cutting down to a 50--but my shoulders are still gonna be too broad, haha
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