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Pretty much once a year somebody posts an updated list. I can try and post one later based off my bookmarks (I only follow north american sites though).


Can anybody tell me if the strap part of the Explorer (?) boots was removable?

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Apparently yes:



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Originally Posted by OccultaVexillum View Post

If there was a 52 id be all over it.

So bummed i missed that bomber in 52....But it looks like maybe they didnt even have it?
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Yeah they never had a 52.
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Originally Posted by OccultaVexillum View Post

Yeah they never had a 52.

Ok feeling a little better.
Did anyone else get that grey in 52?
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@Callusing thanks!
Alright so next question, does anybody here have (or had) a pair and care to comment? Worth picking up?

@eglbc so far Meyvn looks like the only place that got the grey. And most of the places that don't have bombers yet are ones that don't stock 52's (eastdane, mass and stacks)
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Off the top of my head these stores stocked geller as of aw15:

No Man Walks Alone
Frances May
Maas & Stacks
East Dane
Working Title
Revolve clothing
Rsvp gallery
American rag
Cntrbnd shop
Bird shop
Assembly ny
Blue & Cream
Barneys just got 1 item for ss16 online

In store:
Bloomingdale's in NY
I think Barneys gets it in store in NY. I heard the LA store gets geller seconds

Thecelect has geller seconds and another shop was either haven or rooney can't remember. Refresh shop is supposed to get geller but i haven't seen anything online last i checked
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Add working title to that list (although no ss16 delivery yet).
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Done. Yea i forgot about them though it seems a lot of stuff made it to sale. Hope they don't drop the line.
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Oh and:
No Man Walks Alone
Blue & Cream

It was WT's first season with Geller and they got their FW delivery super late so I'm assuming it's the same for the summer delivery.
There's also a few other places that stock it in store but not online. Bloomingdales in NYC for example and a shop in Toronto I'm forgetting.
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@Azurewrath You should post in this thread more. When I searched for Geller items on google I see your pics and the fits always look great.

I think you check in this thread too as you've given my posts thumbs up before.
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A couple of new things on ssense & acrimony. This season is looking really nice. I need to sell some stuff so I can buy more stuff.

anyone tried this seasons richard pants? can you comment on sizing?
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Gahhhh how can I forget NMWA. Added it to the top of the list.
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To those with Richard pants how do you clean them? I think the tag said dry clean only. My pair from FW15 stretched out a lot, it started out slim and now stretched out to be loose like how Geller himself wears it. I was thinking about washing and drying it in a delicate laundry bag. I might try sizing down for my next pair
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Originally Posted by John Grady Cole View Post

How's the hand on the olive NMWA version? Is it a heavy cotton? Thanks.


I wouldn't consider it a heavy cotton, but it is stiff. The way it's tailored though makes it look like it "flows and drapes."

The details on the jacket are up to Geller expectations. 



Whoever bought the grey bomber from Meyvn, if you are here, darn you.

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