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@OccultaVexillum The hooded bomber seems to be a cross of the baracuda and julius jacket from aw15. It has the back straps and stand collar of the baracuda and the drawstrings at the hood and hem of the julius.

I personally like the hooded bomber better but that could be because I already have the AW15 sebastian bomber. If it helps Notre has the hooded bomber in olive and they already sold out of size 46.
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Yeah Notre would be the spot. It's tough, need somebody to buy one of my listings then I'll grab both and be all bombed out.

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I also always feel inexplicably guilty not buying from NMWA even though I've only ever bought one thing from them (on heavy discount) and they don't have the hooded bomber. I hated passing on the bomber pre-orders too. Makes me lean toward the cotton bomber since they have it...

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Thanks guys.  I feel like I'm exiting the buy-all-the-random-shit-i-think-is-cool stage of rebuilding my wardrobe and have really honed in on my personal style since I started buying Geller.  The 'cop rate' has been pretty serious--I think I'm at ~15 pieces now, averaging 1/week. The color palette, slouchy-slim fit, and slight gothic tinge to some pieces (especially the older stuff) are all exactly what I'd been looking for.  I was buying a bunch of stuff from other designers that may have had one or two of those things, but didn't have the subtlety or wearability (thinking of miharayasuhiro aw11 specifically) that Geller stuff does.  I could definitely see being happy with my closet 50:50 Geller: other stuff

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Dip dye from blue and cream is no good... There's an entire front section of the top block that's a completely different color than the rest of the sweater.

Going to end up sending it back
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That's weird, like the dyeing got messed up somehow?
I got mine the day after ordering and have worn it almost every day since.
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thanks for making my decision on whether or not to buy the olive bomber from nmwa easier guys.

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1) The service email of Saturdayguy.com doesn't seem to be in service.
2) When you inadvertently google "Saturday gay Taipei", it's pretty much as expected.
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Garment Dyed Hooded Bomber Notre is carrying s really cool. Wanted to pick up the fur lined Hooded Bomber, but I figured I wouldnt get much use out of it in California.




Digging all of the olive. The garment washed bomber on NMWA looks awesome too

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Just a few thoughts on some of the new pieces out recently:





A. The olive garment dyed hooded bomber at Notre is REALLY fantastic! I love all the little details such as the removable hood, the bomber straps, and especially the wrists ties and ruched stitching!


B. The metal clasp bomber is cool, however it just doesn't do it for me. Doesn't feel cohesive to the collection and stands out a bit too much with the clasps.


C. the garment washed bomber is super nice! I like the 5% poly adding that extra stretch and comfort. As well as the ruched arm details! Would buy this if it was in 44!!




A.Duster lounge pant in tencel fabric is the first Geller dress pant I'd consider buying. Really nice unique take on a pleated dress pant!


B. The garment washed dock pants with the 5% polyurethane and zippered details certainly make me consider buying these even though Im a denim guy.


C. Are we getting any nylon flight pants for spring or is that usually a winter item?

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I think the Duster pants are the closest to flight pants this season.
Next season's are cotton with some poly and a little bit of nylon. Seems like there's some sheen to it
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Which one do you like the details on more? Geller has a bomber every season and he seems to have a hooded jacket too now or at least stockists are picking it up. There was the Jens in SS15, julius in AW15, and now this hooded jacket. You can get the other jacket in another season.

With that said, if I have the AW16 julius jacket do you think this hooded jacket will be redundant even though it is another color? (black versus olive or brown)
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Oops. You're a 52 right? I just ordered the hooded 52 from Notre.
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Lol he helped you make your decision? Can you give your impressions when you get it?
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