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So fivefour club is basically a gamble as to whether or not you'll even get the geller piece you want if you even get geller at all in your package?
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I asked them about I
That. So from what the rep told me last week:
You pay $60 and they send you 2 things a month based on your "style profile", but you can send the "stylist" a request before the months delivery (i.e. I want the Geller denim and bomber).
If you're a member there is also an online shop so you can buy more things but stock is "very limited".
If sizing doesn't work out its free to exchange but it seems like if stock is limited it's going to be pretty rare that you'll actually be able to swap sizes.
From what I understood the March package was all Geller, he "guest designed" this month so everybody is getting 2 of the Geller items.
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i hate things like that
give me the clothes!!!
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Yeah it's pretty lame, it's just a business model that allows for repeat customers since they are in the subscription. Every month you have a guaranteed $60.
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Eh not worth the hassle / gamble, thanks for the info though
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Agreed. Hopefully it exposes more people to the Geller Greatness™ though.
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Yeah I get my coffee that way, I suppose some nerds on CoffeeForum.net are like "i dont want my special robert geller beans in some hokey package." Nice they're able to fill that niche for people who are interested in clothes but dont have the time to post weird pictures of themselves on the internet and chat with cool dudes from Ohio. I wouldn't mind someone sending me some crackers in the mail too
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just used all my wife's rakuten points to grab one of those long check robe coats for $70 new...

might be another one left?

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I like my robe coat but be warned it will turn you into a staticky mess when you take it off
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Man, this James varsity is pilling like hell after only wearing it for a few weeks...
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speaking of james varsity, here is the olive one.  curious about the pilling mentioned above.  it's a fuzzy/furry wool, which lends well to the casual nature of the jacket.  we'll see how it holds up


with the green metropolis tee, and tencel flight pants


the body color of the varsity looks pretty muted here, but outside, man, its full on.  


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I still like the jacket a lot, and it's probably due to the rough way I treat most of my clothing in that I never really hang anything just sort of crumple it on the floor haha
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I went from having 5 Richard Jackets to zero, and now back up to 3 and just snapped up a Richard Coat a couple hours ago censored.gif but also inlove.gif
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wanna coordinate richard coat fits bb? cheers.gif
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it's onnnnn
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