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Yeah I already have leather derbies which is why the suede was appealing. Do they fit like the regular derby shines?
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Never tried Derby shines but these have a thick insole that makes them really tight for me. The only other pair of CPs I've personally encountered this on is the RG chelsea boots from AW12
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Oh ok. Did you just stay with your regular cp size then?
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I did yeah, I wear 40 in all CPs though so if you normally have to go up a size from CP sneakers > CP shoes/boots then you should definitely do so
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In still super confused with CP's despite owning a bunch of them. 45 in RG boots and chelseas, 44 in bballs and derbies, 44 in Achilles as long as I stretch the shit out of them.
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whomever copped the long plaid from totokaelo. I SEE YOU!foo.gif
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Does RG do bombers each season? Wondering if I should just grab a used 46 tencel or wait....

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Yea he makes bomber jackets regularly. He will use different materials or tweak the design. You can wait
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 “The inspiration for Robert Geller AW16 is “Momo,” a novel from 1973 by Michael Ende, who also wrote the novel “The Neverending Story.” Momo is about time and how it is being used in modern society.”


Is that bottom right pic Dries SS15? 



yes please...

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hi guys

I'm looking for this Julius belt from fw15

and/or for those Julius braces

+ a long shot, but this Laslzo hat from ss14

if any one of you spots it or has it and wants to sell...

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@BBYY I think you missed the boat on the belt. Nomad and Totokaelo both had it really cheap

I don't think the hat and suspenders are around in black either, but I know where both are if you're ok with tan instead
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Yes, I woke up too late for the belt! And I'm only looking for black color. Thanks for your help!
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So I ended up winning that ss12 color block pullover.
I know you all said it was oversized, and I did believe you, but I wasn't expecting it to be this oversized. I actually like it, super cozy, I was just surprised. It's by far the loosest Geller piece I've ever come across. Is this how the oversized dip dyes fit (was that also 2012?).

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

That angle isn't helping in that 2nd pic, it doesn't look that blobby irl.
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No, no other sweatshirt has fit like that. It's just sized to be giant, more like the gray version is on the runway
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Oh ok

Either way I like it and for $65 it's a no brainer, I was expecting a fit similar to the court crewneck.
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