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One difference is likely the size. I have to opt for the larger lenses for the aviator model.

I bought and returned the P3 because the lenses were way too small. I saw a pair of the RG ones at maas and stacks and the lenses weremuch bigger
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Thanks for the input.

Maybe I'll chance it... :)

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Did you try them on? Looks the same to me. Hard to find easily comparable pics though

I'm 100% for getting the Geller version of everything anyway

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Realizing now that I really slept on Geller this season, spent my money on Schneider instead but starting to regret that a bit - was Maas & Stacks the only place to stock the red drifter print photographer shirt in North America? I see it was at 7-store as well (sold out now of course).




The varsity jacket still looks dope to me, hope I can score one after Christmas.

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How does the richard jacket fit this year?
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Got the richard pants and long plaid in today.

The richard pants are nice. They are on the warmer side, it is around 59 here and i am a little warm in them but my body temperature always runs hot. I am still gonna keep them though and probably only wear them in fall and winter. I had always regretted not getting the previous ones as i always see geller wearing them in pics.

They aren't as cropped as they appear on some sites, I'm generally a 32 inseam and these hit my ankles. The material is a little stretchy so i will stretch them a bit as i dislike cropped pants.

Ssense just marked them down another 50 something bucks since i bought them if you guys are interested.

Do you guys think they are a little too skinny from the side? Excuse the lack of shoes, I never wear them indoors.
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As for the long plaid, it is a lot lighter weight than I thought it would be. Maybe because previous years used flannel? The material is really soft and pretty light due to the tencel.

I was planning on wearing it buttoned all the way up but I have a big neck from wrestling and can't. I'm kinda undecided on keeping it for this reason. What do you guys think?

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I also got a pair of the type 2 denim. I thought all of his jeans were supposed to have a 32" inseam but this was 33.5". The fades also go too far down past the knee, it looked like this on the ssense model too.

I'm getting weird knee bagging going on even though I pulled them down and try to set the stacks at the ankle. I think the type 3 denim fit me better.

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Is type 2 straight and type 3 tapered? Both look pretty good to me @Timbaland
I just returned a pair of type 1s cause it was too hard to get my hands in the pockets lol, I'll stick with the old jeans for now

AW14's plaid was maybe a little stiffer but not very thick either and the AW13 one is maybe even lighter.

The new AW15 one is my favorite of the 3, personally. I wouldn't really want to button the neck most of the time so I wouldn't let that stop you

Also the bib shirt is like a long plaid-lite, goes to about mid thigh on me
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Thanks @melonadejello

I'm probably just being OCD but I think I will return the type 2s. The type 2s are labeled "slim" and the type 3s "straight". Both have a leg opening a little under 7". (size 34 in the type 2s and a 32 in the type 3s) I would have thought the type 1s would be the same fit as the old skinny fits but guess not. If you need to know anything else let me know.
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Damn those neckwarmers are cool, guessing they feel somewhat similar to wearing a knit turtleneck?


and are there any fitpics with those CPxRG loafers available on styleforum-market? Have somewhat suddenly started liking chunky loafers

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Second pair definitely look better to me. Long plaid looks cool. Richard pants are too slim for me, but that's personal taste. They look ok. Thanks for the pics.
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Originally Posted by K. Nights View Post

How does the richard jacket fit this year?

Curious about this as well. It seems like some people are going TTS and some are going up one? Is the slimness of the arms a factor?
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@LA Guy is $35 shipping standard for international orders on the SF Market? 


Wanted to get a Geller neck warmer but was hoping it was weight-based shipping. Maybe I'll see if there's something else I want from the lot to make it worth it.

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