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T-shirts popping up on Japan sites. Thoughts?

Personally, I'm not really digging any of them. The Weimar tee is ruined because it has writing on the back. I miss the days of the Rectangle tee, that was a classic.
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I'm gettin' that blue Weimar tee...would love to get ahold of the Bauhaus one as well
I also really hope someone stateside gets the blue flight pants. Exchange rate is killer.

Hmm well $320 vs $350 for the flight pants. Why is the Geo shirt so expensive at 7 store???

For anyone who always thinks Geller jeans are too skinny...
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yeah i like the walter, hannes, ludwig and the bauhaus shirt.
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Behaviour NYC has a very small stock of Geller this season. Actually, I think it was just the flight pants that I saw, but they carry some cool stuff so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that was just a first shipment.
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didnt see the cuff pants anywhere...........
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Why they do G-man like that?
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Fuck that's about 2/3 of the price I thought it would be. Going to request measurements on the 50 (fuck off bows, haha). Shit styling for sure.
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^Stylist seems to not know Geller at all. I bet the person is paid very well, too.

I like the engineer pants and the flight pants (is it just me or are they a bit longer than in the past?) May have to wander over to Aloha Rag to check them out.
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The styling fits in with the ball achingly dull buys most shops have from Geller...where are they getting the impression that this all RG boils down to...fucking chinos and button downs. I blame Shah.
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This is real. Robert Geller x Ann Taylor. "As part of the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund, the nominees were challenged to create a look for Ann Taylor, blending their aesthetics with the Ann Taylor history to create a look for the modern working woman."

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Welcome to two years ago and a lost eBay bid frown.gif
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what's your guys opinions? Good buy or no?
Jacket is nice, but I'm not sure about the sizing. Anyone with experience want to chime in with Geller's outerwear sizing? I'm a 46 in all of his stuff, but according to these measurements, might not be able to fit it. If that's the case, I'd figure I'd pass on this deal.

Thanks for the help in advance. Much appreciated.
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