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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

I found a bomber happy.gif

Shoutout to the thread, forgot who it was that pointed the place out. I think @msg

whaaaaat. Congrats man, you will love it.
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Is there a recent list of stockists someone could link me to? I couldn't find it with the search feature
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Did any shop other than Nomad pick up the type 2 5-year wash?
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Pretty much it as far as I can tell.

+Assembly NY
+Unknwn, but they aren't online yet.
+American Rag (have to use the search function and/or far fetch)
+Working Title, but haven't received delivery yet (this FW is their first season with RG, they typically don't order anything over Large though.
+ The Celect (only Seconds)
Gravity Pope and Odin seemed to have dropped Geller. Barneys still carries some in store apparently but nothing online.
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Khaki tencel bomber in a 46 alert. 


I really should buy this for myself but I will post it for all of you. @nicelynice @melonadejello whoever else was looking 




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Damn, grail. If that were a 48, I'd be all over it.
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This shirt was too cheap to pass up, even (or especially?) At 2 sizes too big

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Was that the pink/white two tone that sat on Gr@iled for ages? 

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Yeah, I got it off ebay but I think it's the only one. I always hesitate to buy things that aren't 44 but I rarely regret sizing up in certain things. Obviously no one was going for it so why not give it a try
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geller SS15 richard blazer on MH for $159 if you are XS/44. it dropped another $20 since i bought it last week, so it's probably the last one.

it arrived earlier this evening and it has nice texture and color variation. it fits fairly slim in the body and arms, so best for a true XS/44.
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it's probably not a good thing that I've had my richard for less than a week but want that one too.

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Probably my least "cool" Geller pick-up this season, but I just got the court crewneck (olive/grey) in from Acrimony and it's awesome. Plenty of little details, the shoulder seam details are rad, I know he's done it a few times before but it's still cool. Fabric is lightweight but still drapes really nice.

If you're a 52 and looking for something slouchy go cop it.

I'll try and get some fit pics when I'm not in my sweats eating nachos.

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Oh and http://workingtitleshop.com/collections/robert-geller finally got their Geller order. Great buy, not great sizes.

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Aaaaanddd a size 48 BNWT Long shirt for a really low bin.
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