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I already talked to CS and they didn't order XL in most and a lot of stuff they only ordered 1 Large which sold before it went online. A handful of it though they only ordered Small and Medium which just sucks.
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Ready for winter thanks to NMWA!

My cat is jealous.
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PSA : charcoal bomber and brown sidezips avail @ eastdane with 25% off code
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The charcoal and grey bombers are the same right? Looks darker in some shops than others. I'm assuming it looks grey IRL like the NMWA photos rather than the more saturated color on East Dane and elsewhere or is that not true?
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Same color. The grey one is officially called "charcoal" on the RG collection. Strangely enough, the brick one is called "brown".
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Robeaf Geller brick "brown" bomber arrived, quite happy, I feel like a pumpkin
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Sick robeats:

Charcoal bomber from NMWA
RG type3, 5 year fade denim
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Looks real good. Every time I see it I want to pull the trigger but then I look at the B3 and remember that's the goal.


Kind of want the court pullover too since I ended up selling my dip dye, @gdl203 is the court pullover any longer/bigger than last seasons dip dye? I know the description says size down 1 but you don't have an XL so it would have to be really oversized. That olive colour looks really nice, but other places it looks a lot darker.

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So consensus is that the current denim has had some quality issues correct? And he's releasing a new denim program soon?
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Yeah, my denim developed a 2 inch long tear in the seat after a couple months of wear. But easy to patch.

Not sure about new denim.
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I've had no issue with my type 3's, from what I understand the denim program is not changing. This is the 2nd season with the new line up, a few buyers are pushing for 34" inseams but I don't think there's a "new" program so to speak.
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Isn't Spring carrying "Robert Geller Denim" soon? I dunno just thought maybe it's some offshoot line.
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Yeah it is. But that's what the current denim program is. Type 1, 2 & 3 in the black, white, 3-year fade and 5-year fade and then a black and white trucker. I think that's everything. All the denim stuff is just under that name. Fwiw Spring has said "coming soon" since last summer.
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Anyone know where to get a charcoal robeats bomber in a 44?
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I've been wearing my black type1 for months with no issue. They're my most worn pair of jeans right now thanks to the skinniness + stretch
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