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@wurlwyde I have a Bordeaux mesh tank from fall 2013 in a 48 I'd be willing to let go of.
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Originally Posted by K. Nights View Post

How do you guys layer the longer tanks? Have a grey/khaki one but struggle to find a layer that works on top of it.

I need a longer tonal basic T to layer over mine. The tank is super long, so to keep it from looking like a skirt, it needs a long T.
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Originally Posted by wurlwyde View Post

Speaking of tanks, does anyone have any of the mesh ones in a 48? Black, red, or cream/white?

There's red in 48 and 50 on Rakuten but it's still at retail somehow. Might drop...someday

Actually there's a red 50 on Barney's warehouse but I don't like how the bottom hem flares on the fw13 ones if you size up. You can see it in their photo of the back
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Anyone have any info on this new Geller "made in the usa" denim program I'm hearing about?

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SS15 dip dye....hoodie

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Eastdane has 2nds for dirt cheap right now. Code extra25.

2 Ts for 42$
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It seems like there are two levels of Seconds. The Barneys exclusive stuff and then what everyone else gets. I enjoy the Barneys items but the rest of it to me is uninspiring and oddly sized / cut (the t-shirts and tanks lately are 1 to 2 sizes too small). The non Barneys stuff seems way overpriced…

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I had the opposite response to the Barney's stuff.
The reverse sleeve hoodie sleeves are like sails, while the main Seconds stuff was slim.

East Dane: Code is 25EXTRA

If you sign in with your amazon account, click back to the 'cart' link in the flow if things shift
(I had an extra item thrown in and I had to reapply the coupon code)
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Anyone try out the seconds hoodie on east dane? Wondering if the fabric is sturdier than the past season's which felt a little delicate.
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It's that time of year again where we all try to talk ourselves into buying Seconds pieces to bum around in.

Must resist...and save for Fall mainline...
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True dat.  My experiences with seconds have been mixed and I'm pretty much would rather use the money to get the mainline tees or whatever, everything adds up.


AW13 tanks with the raw edges and two tones actually ended up being the most used of the bunch.  Washed and tumble dried a bunch and have held up good.  I sized up and it's nice and long and drapes well.  Just looks like a gigantic U neck tee when you wear it under something.  


The barneys black hoodie (reverse sleeves, higher neck and kangaroo pockets) is also one of my favorites and definitely a step up in quality from the "normal" seconds hoodie.  


AW13 tees were not good all around.  Sized up, still wasn't long enough and sort of boxy and for some reason just didn't sit right and didn't look good under anything.  Might be because of the shoulders or how the raw pocket thing was designed.  


AW13 furry hoodie and sweats were fun to wear for a while.  Held up well.  Nothing more than lounge wear though, and eventually the tiny pockets on the sweats just because too much, lol.  

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I dunno, I found the seconds I have to fit slightly loose: combo fabric hoodie and crew neck sweater. No complaints at East Dane sale prices last time around.
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I bought a couple tees a tank and a henley from East Dane last season and they were solid for the price although the tank is the only thing I ever think looks great. The other three are soft and cozy and look pretty solid with jeans and most other things. Kinda tempted to go for more but not sure about the yellow/blue colours that they have.
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@novaliss put a bunch of stuff on b&s if anyone missed anything particular...bunch of stuff I wanted in wrong sizes D:
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^glad the bomber is a 48. really didn't need 3 this season...
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