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If anyone has a black zipped blazer in size 50 from last season I'd love to buy It
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Originally Posted by melonadejello View Post

^There's also a 44 in khaki on yahoo! Japan
I'd never seen that color before

Spent a week in NYC and got to try on some stuff. Illusion shirt and the shape hoodie in 46 both seemed pretty small and I normally wear 44. Kinda even liked the 48 better in the hoodie. That terry is thicker and tougher than it has been in the past.
Ribbed shirt fit normal.
Can't really say anything about the Patch Bomber except that the 48 was too big for me unlike some other stuff
The V neck leather in 48 fit me alright, the only size they had.

Also got to meet Robert redface.gif

Can you go to the studio?

I'm on holiday in the states and I'll be in NY next week, would love to meet and greet the man.
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Thoughts on the fit of the Tarmac bomber here? Would I benefit from sizing down? I'm 6'1ish 170lbs wearing a 50. Thanks!!



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Torso looks good par, just the arms could be slimmer.

Reminds me of the first season (FW07) "dinner jacket" in terms of non-tapering sleeves
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yea I would size down to a 48. I am 6'0 - 150 lb and a 46 fit me spot on 

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yeah i dunno torso looks spot on. i have the same problem with the arms on this seasons bombers. i tried sizing down. didn't work.
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Yeah go the 48.
I'm the same height and weight and my 48 fits right on the money.
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I am interested in this season's richard blazer. I am heading to new york city this weekend (to see Swans!), and would love to check the blazer out in person if possible. Anyone know a nyc store that is carrying it?

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Just a heads up that a bunch of the stuff that is up on the site now will be coming down and returned to Robert, permanently, within a week.  I can guarantee that it will not be sold at another sample sale in NYC.  So... if there is something that you want, but didn't pull the trigger for any reason, you should really pick it up ASAP.





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Was the fencing shirt ever made in size 52? I've been searching for one on the secondhand market for a couple of years but have never seen one in that size.
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Where should I go in New York to possibly pick up some Geller stuff? Thanks in advance:)
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Odin and Barneys are good options
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Digging this mustard bomber
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The color is a lot nicer in person than it appears in stock pics imo
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Is it *actually* mustard?

The pics made it look like pale canary yellow.

Hint: Mustard is the color of my avatar wink.gif
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