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Originally Posted by artishard116 View Post

dbear buy that khaki bomber asap. looks great.

Good call man, went back and got the khaki in a 46, after trying out the yellow one at acrimony...

...for the bomber, I think you can take your normal size for a relaxed fit or go down one for a more fitted look. This is a 46 in the yellow, whereas I'm normally a 48.

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Goddamn, should have gotten that yellow instead haha
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That yellow is really really nice. Damn.
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Odin got in a seconds zip bomber, the flight pants, and there's a pair of sz 46 engineer pants sitting from last season for $99
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The peter coat in a 44 is marked down to like $310 at forward plus i think one of those 10% coupons work
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You know, I think my initial sentiments about the Tencel Bomber were unnecessarily harsh.  Partly because I didn't really "get it" or was just distracted by the fit.  But, after actually having it for a few days, I've had a change of heart.  


I can see why it was named "The Tencel Bomber", instead of something like a cadet jacket or flight bomber or ...strappy strap bomber(?).  It's all about the tencel.  Everything about the jacket was designed with tencel in mind.  Having not really had a lot of experience with tencel, I didn't realize that tencel was durable and strong.  What I saw initially was something that was relatively thin and unlined and light.  But, since it's actually a really durable and strong fabric, I can see why they washed the shit out of it.  Everything is washed, even a little distressed, including the ribbing and the zipper.  It works.  Then you flip it inside out and see all the sewing details and seams, and you realize that a lot of thought was put into this piece, and it all works together.  


As for care of the jacket, the very first time I wore the jacket, I spilled all this tomato soup over the front of it  :fu:.  What I did was just put the front under a faucet and washed out all the soup and hung it to dry and nothing happened. :slayer:


Lastly, the drape.  I can now see why it was designed to be a more relaxed fit, to highlight how tencel drapes.  It just looks really good man.  


As for the "khaki" color.  It definitely has some green in it.  In the sunlight, you see it a lot more.  I would name the color more like a washed olive.  


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yeah thats awesome.
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Geller always calls green things Khaki.
My green flight pants from FW13, and I think even some cotton/linen stuff from SS11

But he's not wrong!

"However, the name is sometimes also used to describe a drab green color. In the mid-twentieth century as many Western militaries adopted an olive drab instead of the older, more brownish khaki, the two color names became associated with each other."

"During the second half of the WWII, American olive drab became distinctly more green, known as olive green. Most of the countries that participated in NATO, adopted the US military style and with it the olive green color. This color continued to be called khaki in many European countries. In France for example the term passed in the general language for a green shade of olive color. The older yellow-brown used in WWI was called in France moutarde instead."

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Super interesting, Melo. Thank you. The US military-industrial complex pervades everything apparently, even color naming.
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I emailed SSENSE and they confirmed they are carrying both Geller and Geller seconds this Spring. So yeah, should be dropping soon.
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Anture got the short sleeve black random dot shirt.
And I was doing so well -.-
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Originally Posted by melonadejello View Post

Anture got the short sleeve black random dot shirt.
And I was doing so well -.-

Yeah man, I was eyeing it for 15 minutes earlier.
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Hopefully ssense will put their buy up soon and that it's a big one.  They just put their CP buy up yesterday, so I guess they're just slow.


Francis may got in the black tencel bomber and nomad put up their first delivery...and it appears they have their stock at about a little more than 10% cheaper than it's CAD.  


East dane put up all their seconds.  If only they carried the mainline.


Got in the long plaid from last season and it's wild man.  I have no idea how I'm going to wear it, but I can't help but crack a smile everytime I try it on.  :laugh:

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Also, mohair cardigan and sweater from last season for $60 a piece. Only one size, which isn't listed but measurements are provided. Both colors
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do u guys think anyone other than anture will get those sneakers

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