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seconds game strong now, thanks hoodyear. I wish the T fit longer like the tank. I think the henley and the tank are the winners.
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^ this I can agree with.  The  T is pretty short after a wash and tumble dry and I sized up.


The henley is great after a wash, the raw edge is a nice touch, length is good too.  went TTS.  


Have some tanks coming in the mail...good to hear that they are longer than the T.  

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drops at nomad
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Damn....I've been eyeing that trucker
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Originally Posted by hoodyear View Post

Seconds now 70% off (final sale):

At $26 I just had to pick up a tshirt. Got a charcoal which seemed like the nicest color to me. Free Prime shipping too which was awesome. Thanks for the heads up!
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Just gonna leave this right here:

(T-Mobile's CEO John Legere)
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that makes me sad

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Just got the Mohair combo sweatshirt in the mail. The fabric used for the sleeves is thick and stiff cotton, which is why most of the model pics from stockists have the hulk arms... Once the cotton softens up with some wear, the hulk arms will not be a problem.
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"2014ISHERE" at Acrimony for an additional 30% off the sale prices. Just kopped Richard purple melange knit blazer for just under two bills.

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So I got two Seconds tanks in M and well, I guess I should have stuck with S. So if anyone got S tanks and they're too small let me know if you want to trade.

Seconds hoodie in S is good, but bigger than I expected from my experience with the tanks.
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Uh oh. Maybe my order will be too big as I'm usually between 48/50 or M/L. Shrinkable you think?
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Got some seconds in, quick dirty mirror pic.  Bomber and sweats are medium and the tank is large.  For reference, I'm a 48 in top and bottoms.


Thoughts...well, I really like the fit on everything.  It's really comfy.  My only concern is that it everything feels really fragile.  Anyone have any experience cold washing and tumbling this stuff?  I would hate to baby loungewear...


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I got a few seconds stuff at barneys. it holds up fine in the wash, but it does feel delicate. I got the terry reverse arm hoodie and it almost feels like it could fall apart if it gets snagged on anything, but it's fine. I think most of RG's stuff is pretty delicate anyway though. 

Also picked up a Lang tee from acrimony for $60. Hope it doesn't run too small. 

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I actually feel like the stuff at Barneys (the things they label as XO, exclusively ours), having handled both, feels much more substantial than the pieces I've felt elsewhere (that most people are getting from East Dane). I wondered that same thing, Dbear
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I've never thought Geller's stuff was delicate except the Souvenir jacket that someone tore off of me . . .

I have Seconds stuff from the first season and it's held up amazingly well.
I do get some blown stitches in jeans sometimes, though.

Then again - I only wash my clothes a couple times a year. (I'm a very clean and non-stinky person)
Detergent and washing machines typically destroy clothes more than wearing them.

DBear- that jacket looks 10x better than I expected.
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