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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

 In the runway pictures, the Fritz leather vest is layered under the jacket

oh snap don't tempt me
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Originally Posted by kubrick555 View Post

http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/clo/4233295697.html Random

Geller is a 52? That seems insane to me, he looks like a 48.


FUCK! I've been looking for this for months. Just emailed the guy...

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So stoked.  We are going to put up the price list for the samples in a couple of hours.  Just doublechecking to make sure that everything is right...





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Fok, do any of the samples run on the oversize (50-52 ish?) will size be listed with items?
Specifically for knits / hoodies
Thanks \
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Originally Posted by eglbc View Post

Fok, do any of the samples run on the oversize (50-52 ish?) will size be listed with items?
Specifically for knits / hoodies
Thanks \

Nearly everything is sample sized. I would say that there is nothing that runs really oversized.  Tees, of course, can be worn by a variety of sizes.  But generally, I'll say that everything is TTS 48, with a +/- 1 size tolerance, depending on my you like your clothes to fit.  If you are a true 50, the clothes will be more fitted.  If you want to go for that runway, layered look, then this would work well for tru 46s.





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The way sizing has been headed these past two seasons, I would encourage even 44s to try out certain things like tees, sweaters, and the shirt jackets
Maybe not if you're particularly short though
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Which email address do we send our order to? Styleforumarket or Styleforum.financial?
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Sizing on the 'textured vest', open stitch sweater and pigment dyed (blue LS shirt/sweater thing)?
All 48s?
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yeah everything is 48ish
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It's 3 EST...
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its 4 am here my side and I have work in another 4 hours
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Robert Geller Pre-store Sample Sale, FW13.


Thanks for your patience, guys.  Please see the entire pricelist below.  I will update when possible.  Please note that it is a Sunday afternoon though, and I have other obligations and cannot be in front of the computer constantly.



ALL PAYMENTS SHOULD BE MADE VIA PAYPAL TO styleforum.financial@gmail.com.  Personal payments will be rejected.  We cannot risk get into trouble with Paypal. Please make sure to do the arithmetic correctly, and to add shipping charge, shown immediately below.



There is flat rate shipping, via USPS.  Please see your rate below.  We cannot ship to Italy or Russia. 
CONUS: $15
Canadian and EU: $35 
Asia: $45 
Please make sure that all the addresses are correct in your Paypal payment.  We cannot guarantee changes in the shipping address.  We will do our best to ensure that your order goes out ASAP.


How to ensure that your order is properly processed

In all orders, please put “Robert Geller FW13 Sample Sale” in subject line, and copy the entire listing from the list below into the notes, so that it's easy for me and my people to read and process. 

For example, if I wanted to buy two items, I might put:
Subject line: Robert Geller FW13 Sample Sale
Notes: RG13A 1209 Zipper Neck Warmer Bordeaux sample $110

          RG13A 1213 Conrad Hat Black sample $110


Please do the math correctly, and add in the appropriate shipping.  

Those orders in which the arithmetic is not done correctly will be given last priority.  


If something you order is no longer in stock, that item will be subtracted from your order, and you will be refunded for that amount.  No substitutions or exchanges or other changes today – we just don’t have the manpower to process those.



Most of these are true samples, and do not have a marked size.  Most samples correspond, roughly, to a size 48.  Some sizing information, when available, has been added.


Price List: Robert Geller FW13 sample sale
Neck Warmer Dark Color (3 available) fits small, approx a 14-15” neck – $88
Neck Warmer Light Color (10 available) fits small approximately a 14-15” neck $88
High top sneakers – Black/Bordeaux mix size 43 - $265  SOLD
RG13A-1208 Printed Leather glove dots – sample (fits small, about a size 7-7.5 glove) $120 SOLD
RG13A-1208 Printed Leather glove striped – sample $120 - SOLD
RG13A 1209 Zipper Neck Warmer Bordeaux sample $110 SOLD
RG13A 1213 Conrad Hat Black sample $110 SOLD
03-12H-1008 Clay (pants) Size 48 - $150
03-12H-4015-4 Pockets Jacket Charcoal 48 - $230
RG13A-1203 Lang Sleeves sample $175 
RG13A-0408 Knit sleeves – Red sample $100
RG Squares&Triangles dock pattern `shirt brown sample - $150
RG Wool pleated Jodhpurs pant black sample - $180
RG13A-0109 Coated twill pant grey sample $185 SOLD
RG13A-0302 Oversized dotted shirt sample $165
RG13A-0303 Shirt Jacket 1 sample $165 SOLD
RG13A-0303 Shirt jacket stripe sample $165 SOLD
RG13A-0304 Ribbed cuff shirt sample $160
RG13A-0403 Rubber stripe sweater red $205 sample - SOLD
RG13A-406 Pigment Dye Joseph V-neck sample $125
RG13A-Otto Mesh Tank Bordeaux sample $85 SOLD
RG13A-Otto Mesh Tank Green sample $85
RG13A-Otton Mesh Tank Red sample $85 
RG13A-0502 Wool sleeve Hoodie sample $195
RG13A-0520 Fabric Combo Sweatpant sample $175 SOLD
RG13A-0612 Two tone jacket sample $300 
RG13A-0701 Textured wool vest sample $215
RG13A-0702 RG Vest Charcoal sample $200
RG13A-0704 Fritz Moto Vest Black sample $375
RG13A-0804 Metropolis coat – sample $495
RG13A-0403 Open stitch crew neck Grey sample $205
RG13A-0101 Cumberbund Trouser Chocolate sample $219 SOLD
RG13A-0102 Metropolis Trouser Camel sample $230
RG13A-0103 Conrad Dress pant sample $175
RG13A-0521 Richard Pant size 46 $175 SOLD
RG13A-0522 Berlin Tshirt sample $85 SOLD
RG13A-0523 Metropolis T-shirt Charcoal sample $85 SOLD
RG13A-0523 Metropolis T-shirt Light Grey sample $85 SOLD
RG13A-0524 Lang T-shirt emerald sample $85 SOLD
RG13A-0601 Lang Jacket Sample $388 SOLD
RG13A-0608 Illusion Field jacket – Sample - $388
RG13A-0106 Texture Wool Lounge Pant Bordeaux sample $220 SOLD
RG13A-0107 Illusion Cord Charcoal sample $215
RG13A-0107 Illusion Cord Navy sample $215
RG13A-0408 Sand Stone Crew Neck Brown $205 SOLD
RG13A-0517 Boat neck Dock shirt Black sample $75 SOLD
RG13A-0517 Boat neck Dock shirt Grey sample $75
RG13A-0526 Color Combo Hoodie Grey sample $150
RG13A-0683 Zipper Blazer (black) sample $285 SOLD
RG13A_0101 Cumberbund trouser black sample $235 SOLD


If you feel like browsing visually:
















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Haha clearly Melo got a jump on that red sweater and gloves.

Whoever got that sand storm sweater, let me know if it doesn't work out for ya.
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Wow, some of you guys have some serious kopping Kung Fu,




I'll be back later.





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Saw the list right after it was posted, but prices are too high for my budget right now for pieces that would be too big for me. Shame though, like a lot of the pieces and I know these are great prices.
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