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stumbled upon



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Am I trippin' balls or did Barney's add a few 'new' Seconds items?

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Sure did.
Judging by the stripe down the side of the sweats I'd say that's ss14
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My gut says this is another special collection for Barney's.
The new Seconds hoodie is not the 'stripe side' - it looks like a repro of their special one from last season.

Why do they get it so early?!

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Oh my bad, there isn't even a stripe on the sweat pants like I thought, just light. Couldn't see very well on my phone
I guess Barney's just puts out their exclusive Seconds whenever the fuck they feel like it then
....or their exclusives just get made really late in the season after everything else
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Yet more neoprene silliness popping up on YJP for any adventurous, model sized people
Would kop stripe shorts
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will be kopping the striped top, seems like a wearable piece for layering

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Lost out in a RG sleeveless jacket from Y!JP cuz my proxy lost internet.
Saddest day ever.

in black:

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Anyone know how the current season (non barney exclusive) seconds sizing runs?  

Is it safe to assume M=48 or should I size up or down for any reason...

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When I tried it on in store I felt that it ran pretty slim, I'm a S/46 is pretty much everything, but the seconds stuff was bordering on too tight. I preferred the fit of the 48s
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Stop bidding on the green vest you bastards, I want it :hide:

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Heads up on that sleeveless fishtail jacket/vest

I got the charcoal one in 50 and it is SUPER tight. Like, crazy tight.
It's a lot thicker than it looks.
(possible mine is a winter version - not sure if there was a lighter summer one, too?)

Not sure if it's mis-tagged or they all just run super small.
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If the measurements are correct, I should be fine even if it's more padded than it looks in the pictures


thanks for heads-up still though :) 


edit: wait what size are you usually? and do you still wear it (but only open maybe?)

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I'm a 50-52

wear 48-50 geller tshirts
size 50 zip blazer

I'm not sure what I'm going to do at this point.
Probably keep on my diet/workout schedule and see where I end up in a couple months. smile.gif
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Alright - so... just got all the pricing done.  I will post the pricing and sizing here on Sunday. (most of these are true samples, with a 46 in a single pair of Richard pants, and the Common Projects are a size 43.  I am going to try to answer emails from the styleforummarket@gmail.com account, but because of my eye thing (some of you may already know that I had emergency surgery just last weekend), I am not sure that I'll be able to ge through the 70+ emails in my box, all asking about different pieces, nor, have I decided, is it really feasible.)  So, I'm going to post the entire list of prices here on Sunday morning, and it will be a first pay, first served, deal.


To encourage bulk purchasing, and honestly, because I don't have that much help over the holidays, all Canadian and EU packages will cost $35 shipping, Asian orders will be $45, and all US sales will be $15.  This means that if you buy a ton crap of stuff, you will totally luck in.  


In all orders, please copy the entire listing into the notes, so that it's easy for me and my people to read.  That;s the entire thing - number, name, description, price.  


So, if I wanted to buy a sweater and a scarf, I might put:

Subject line: Robert Geller sample sale order


Notes: RG13A-1111 Awesome sweater grey sample size $200

          RG13A-8888 Awesome scarf grey one size $150.


Please do the math correctly, and add in the appropriate shipping.


Or whatever.


Thanks guys,  This will make it a lot easier for us to process, and thus get this stuff out to you ASAP.  Thanks for being patient, guys.





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