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SutoCorp emailed me to say they had shipped my item 3 days after they had received it from the seller.
But it was already on my desk. smile.gif

Seattle is a relatively quick hop from Japan and the cost of the product was under $200.
$200 and over and you might run into longer customs and import duties.


I got the brown plaid pattern shirt with dark grey sleeves and the dark grey plaid pleated shoulder shirt.
The grey plaid is a little small . . . but I am hoping going from burgers & fries to salads and exercise might change that.
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So sorry to hear that Razzle. What was the item? I've never had any problem dealing with sharp service but haven't used them in a couple of years. Good to know.
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It was a size 50 sandy olive combo sleeve denim jacket

I really wanted one
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some geller seconds on sale 




use "tulip" for additional 10% off 


"iforward15" if youre on iphone

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//wrong thread

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are geller drops done for the season?  stockists online been carrying the same stock for months now.  if so, overall, small buys

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Originally Posted by Dbear View Post

are geller drops done for the season?  stockists online been carrying the same stock for months now.  if so, overall, small buys

Collab with that outerwear company still haven't dropped yet I think. But yeah, they should be done.
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Yeah, much smaller buys for sure. People kept saying not everything has dropped yet but it's pretty late now.

There was a lot of geller seconds this season and its disappointing to see that even those did not do so well. Many sites have had them on sale for a few weeks now. Only staple pieces seemed to make it through for mainline (flight pants, zip blazer, hoodies).
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Yeah too bad no stores got mesh tanks, leather jackets or vests, red sweaters, coated jeans, long shirts, waist coats, trench coats, the purple Richard jacket, cupro panel sweats, zip scarves, moto gloves, hats or any of the cool stuff like that. Oh wait.
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No you're right, but most stores seemed to make smaller buys with only a couple of the other pieces you listed thrown in, with ssense being the exception i guess. most of the stockists i normally check for geller seemed to have boring buys.

i guess it doesnt make that much of a difference on our end since you can find an individual piece somewhere though if you really wanted it.
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Hey melon, are these the moto gloves you are talking about?


I'm trying to find pictures of them being worn, but cant. Anyone know where I can find a picture?
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Its really no different than it ever was though, is my point.

You can use the Wayback Machine at
Web.archive.org to see what stores carried in past seasons if you don't believe me.

Geller is too expensive for the "average" person, but not expensive enough for the people with more money than sense so we have to take what we can get in our niche. (Yes sorry for overgeneralizing) What's reasonable for stores to carry.
Do you think that sweet quilted coat from the runway show would have performed well at $1200 retail or whatever?
I am sad that the knit coats didn't get produced though frown.gif I'd have paid $500 for one of those if I could swing it

^ yeah those gloves and the stripe/dot ones that a couple places got. No photos of the velcro ones that I'm aware of though.
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Cool wonder if I can find these in NYC somewhere to try on. They look quite nice!
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And of course the really cool stuff that gets produced is always limited.
I finally broke down and paid retail for the long shirt because I know there were only 2 available in my size after another poster here got his, and I decided the $90 or so was worth not worrying whether or not I was the only person with my finger on the trigger when Ssense dropped

I also got a pair of GREEN flight pants this season that came from Barney's that I didn't even know existed because they arent online so there's some things you won't even know about unless you live near a particular store

I'm always scared to buy gloves since they only come in one size and I have small hands frown.gif

Assembly New York has gloves but not the velcro ones afaik
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Red sweater eh? Who got it in North America? I must've missed that.

EDIT: Nevermind, Barneys. I knew I'd seen it somewhere.
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