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Blurb off nyt

"Mr. Geller’s sleeveless trucker vests in neoprene, one color blocked and one shiny black, picked up on this week’s popular scuba trend. He is a romantic (nostalgic this season, it would seem, for the youth of Russia coming out of communism in the 1980s), and sometimes his designs come across as willfully antiquated. This collection seemed less abstract."

Anyone seen any 52 bombers?
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This weeks scuba trend that he invested in much more heavily a year ago?

Also seems very odd to me that they think this one was less abstract
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Originally Posted by eglbc View Post

Anyone seen any 52 bombers?

This. Please.
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I have this bomber for Winter:

And this bomber for Spring:

And yet I still debate adding one more...sigh.
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I have the top bomber there, it's glorious
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Originally Posted by CityHunter View Post

This. Please.

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How do the Robert Geller slim fit jeans fit? I've seen people on here have the leg opening as 7" while Barney's shows it as being 7.5".

Is it a slim straight fit (slightly tapered) like the Naked & Famous Weird Guy and the RRL Slim Fit? Or is it closer in fit to the Uniqlo Skinny Fit Tapered? Thanks.
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Good question . . . depends on the season as of recent

but classically the 5-pocket skinny:
- slightly dropped crotch
- stretchy
- loose body block
- slim to skinny thigh
- slim to skinny calf

Typically fits slim, but some recent versions (petroleum, washed black) were SUPER slim in the leg

His fabrics also tend to stretch out and soften a fair amount with multiple wears before a wash

Here are some very loved "Smoke blue' 5 pockets from several seasons back.
The "blue" looked navy at first, under certain light it was slightly purple.
After a ton of wear, skin oils and probably a bit of Seattle rain and no washing it discolored quite nicely to dark and light purple.
This is not typical for Geller jeans. smile.gif

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I would say that the skinny jeans are really skinny on a guy with any amount of muscle on the legs. I tried on a pair of the skinny jeans when we had a pair of 48s, and on me, they were slightly loose on the waist and the top block, but essentially leggings from the thighs all the way down. To give a bit of perspective, a size 31 pair of RRL slim fits fit fairly snug through the thighs for me, but the waist is loose. I'm hardly have a bodybuilder's physique either. I have muscular legs from years of running and kickboxing, but I don't do tons of squats or anything like that. And I have a documented love of cake and other baked goods, so it's not like I am ripped in the midsection either, just sort of vaguely athletic, normal guy, build, at 5'11" and 175 lbs.
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Thanks guys. So Geller has a skinny fit and a regular fit which is still fairly slim? I got confused because someone on here said the sepia jeans from the past season only came in the skinny fit while some online retailers didn't mention it as being skinny at all and just said slim fit. Not sure who is correct here.

Fok, did you happen to try these on before they sold?


I'm a 31 in RRL slim fits too. Were these the ones that you were talking about as leggings from the thigh down? Thanks.
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:eh: Found this accidentally through a google image search. Shows up as 50% off in cart too. Chances of them actually having these in stock are pretty slim I'm guessing.

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I tried the Sepia from SS13 on and they fit the same as the Petro & Black from SS12. Def a skinny fit.
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Not sure if their web stock is accurate, but I think these are the only jeans so far this year that won't be super skinny
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Originally Posted by kubrick555 View Post

I tried the Sepia from SS13 on and they fit the same as the Petro & Black from SS12. Def a skinny fit.

Yeah, definitely did not have ANY Geller left in the last couple days they were open and auctioning off all their furniture, etc.
And, I really hope they don't remove their 'archive' since we refer to it so often.
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Thanks for all the help. They definitely won't fit me then. Looks like theres a cheap pair of sepia jeans size 48 on Barney's Warehouse:

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