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I like that blazer quite a bit as well. Looking on the linelist, I could not see how it could be styled, but the runway pictures give me a better sense of the proportions and possibilities. I would probably wear it with dark, volumunious pants to extend the vertical nature of the jacket, and then end it abruptly with some chunky shoes, but I tend to like that type of A line on a man type of thing.

If there are specific pieces that you would really like to see for pre-order, which will be starting soon, post, and I'll do my best. Please don't ask for pieces that are found pretty commonly, because we won't get them. Our intention is mainly to get you guys those pieces that look great, but that the stockists can't really risk carrying. So, this is a good time to get pieces that you'd otherwise have to proxy from Japan, or scour Japanese sites to even find, or possibly never be able to find, since they never went into production. It may be possible to get the more common items if you want a size that is unlikely to ever make it to North American retailers.


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^ I thought at first they completely changed the design of the zip blazer, but on closer inspection, I think the lapels is something else layered underneath.  You can see very clear photo if you open up the image



Also, isn't this bomber basically the one he is wearing?  I think the belt is separate and I'm sure there will be other colors.  Looks great man.  


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Yeah it's just a seperate neoprene lapel.

And yes that bomber is pretty much identical to the SS11 one except tencel.
They straight up took the belt off the yellow trench and tied it around the bomber for the show
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What the - where are those from?
Brown plain back pocket?
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SS12 slate gray^ along with the raglan tee and dress pants
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What are the pants in the 2nd photo Melo posted? Engineer?
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Originally Posted by msg View Post

What are the pants in the 2nd photo Melo posted? Engineer?

Richard pants I think. Pretty much all the pants are cropped and tapered.

Variegate, those straps are one of my favorite parts of that jacket. Definitely cool in the yellow
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More evidence that they the new one is the exact classic cadet jacket that I am still angry that I don't own.
Meaning, I can now own it.

(hopefully in dark grey/black/dark blue!)
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Are these CP sneakers a geller collab?

This is nice

the sleeve detail

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Though I'm not a fan of the bleach striping - the structure of that jacket in the bottom left corner is fucking awesome.
The collar, specifically.

(nabbed the brown-grey jeans from Gilt, tee hee)

Which reminds me - I wanna show you guys my old 'smoke blue' Geller jeans which have seriously aged and discolored to a pretty insane level due to the dye color structure, skin oil/dirt and my lack of washing them.
I'll try to post pics tonight.
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almost every single item is a 46

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I bought a 46 white mesh tank off Rakuten this morning, from the same store I bought it from 2 months ago. I guess that means my package went back to them.
Color looks really off in the photo this time though, hope it's just the lighting.
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