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^which scarf is that?
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I think that is identical to mine, from fw11
The orange, army, and black are fw12

Not sure about the cream ones, I think barneys had one of them for ss12 or fw12, and no idea about the blue one but best guess would be ss12
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I bought the black one (currently in storage since it's hot as balls here)
It feels like it weighs 5 pounds!
It's super dense and heavy.
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Damn, that sweatshirt on sufu is awesome, I love those cuffs.


My wallet is glad that it's not a 50, would have bought it in a heartbeat otherwise.

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nice, my order from 12345 has been cancelled. they sold out minutes before I bought. lucky day!cloud.gif

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^ ho dang, what did you buy?


edit:  my order got canceled too.  whoever picked up the blazer in a 48, if it doesn't work know who to PM.  

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Well that was fast.

Posted it about 4 hours ago and all the 46/48 flight pants are gone.
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More than half their RG inventory moved after you + variegate posted. They must be like WTF.
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perks of being one of the few retailers to stock any online icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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Originally Posted by ipractice View Post

Wow ok. Just made a really unexpected purchase from that link, 20% new customers, free shipping, no tax for flight pants. $350 shipped not bad.

Thanks variegate icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif no tax either even though I'm in cali? Hoping I sized correctly with a 46.


Ditto this. Unexpectedly pulled the trigger on that zip blazer due in part the new customer discount, no tax, and free shipping.


A deal so good I'm actually feeling a little guilty about it :)


edit: Looks likely that it may get cancelled. Fingers crossed in the meantime.

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They owe me some sort of referral or something. Geez.

Are they canceling because they're out of stuff or are they rescinding their offer?!
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^ out of stock.  Looks like they had 1 of each size in some of the stuff, and they manually update the inventory.

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My order went from "Processing" to "Payment Accepted" about an hour ago, so yeah I'm assuming they just had low stock. Although I've learned from the past that anything can still happen unless it's already been shipped!
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re: 12345
I stopped in today on my lunch break and the SA was surprised at the amount of Geller getting sold - she was in the middle of getting everything ready to be shipped out. She said since the flight pants are so popular she is going to try to get more in. I'm assuming this goes for the blazers too (fyi, I saw 2 blazers left, one in a 50, and one more pair of flight pants left)
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not a fan of the skinny waistband/ribbing on this years.
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