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report from the field:

TotoKaelo has Lang shirt in dark green (46x2 and 48)
the grey button down, flight pants (2 pair), and a RAD long jacket that is super soft, 3 button collar, hidden zip in black, one size 50
No idea why their sizing seems random - might be more sizes in the back or something.

the flightpants in 50 fit me pretty well
but, hold on to your asses, they are $456
I skipped em.

So yeah, prices are WAY UP this season.

Seconds stuff there too.
Reversed terry sweatshirt pullover in black - suuuuuuuuper soft.
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What was TotoKaelo charging last season for flight pants?

they were $300 from what I remember at most places. can't imagine there would be a huge difference between s/s and f/w versions to warrant an extra $150...
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FW12 lounge pants were $500 so don't be so quick to be all OMG PRICES WENT UP SO MUCH on that

Are the new ones tencel at least?

Also when that tee was on Anture it was called emerald, but just looks like the regular charcoal to me. Does it look more green irl?
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Melon knows all.
I was just surprised.

They have the same $145 for the Lang shirt as Acrimony, so I figured they had 'standard' markups - but Seattle is expensive, so who knows.
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but flight pants were still $300 seems ill never have one bored.gif

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At that price point and in such limited edition (compared to h&m, gap etc.) the cotton price should have almost no impact at all. It's all supply & demand. Retailers figure that if flight pants sell like crazy they might as well up the price next season.
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Still wondering if spring and fall have differences. Maybe they'll make it to sales this season and we could feel like we scored when they get down to $300 haha.
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the reality is a lot of stuff goes into pricing, including desire to turn a profit. so there may be a reason like rising production costs or there may be none at all except that they're seeing if they can make more money. at this point we're all just guessing...
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True true.

Has that metropolis shirt popped up anywhere?

edit: this guy

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Did anyone ever find out what happened to Odin's Robert Geller stock? I emailed them awhile back and they never answered me.

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Hi All
I'm on vacation, without Wi-Fi or a smart phone, and so have no access to internet until next week. I have received everyone's I inquiries and will respond to them next week.
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Enjoy your vacation Fok. Well deserved.
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Who actually stocks RG...?  barneys, acrimony..?

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stock list on the first page
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