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Thanks, that makes it even more tempting to pick up a pair...hmm.
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Given the fit, I'd say he sized up.
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yep, was definitely planning on doing that. just not sure whether to cop now or see if it hits a sale.
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I saw the sepia rust jeans today and I don't think they're the same as the ones geller is wearing. His look more trouser like. Anyway the rust ones are ugly and feel really scratchy.
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Which Sepia jeans?

4 different types of pants came in Sepia for this season.

PS: If anyone has the official Geller linelist PDF for A/W 2013, I'd really like to get a copy so I can continue to try to put the "which jeans are the classic 5-pocket skinny jeans' issue to rest.
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All I can find are the type D 5 pocket jeans, what else is there?
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That might be all that shipped so far (or all that anyone ordered)
There areType A (buckle), Type B/C (? mislabeled in the linelist), Easy Pant, and Type D 5-Pocket Skinny
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Ah, gotcha. Thanks, I guess I'll wait a bit and see what else drops then.
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Question for owners of the laced cuff coat: Is it TTS? People indicate that it fits slim but all the measurements I've seen indicate it's fairly TTS (or larger even)
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Where can i get the sweatpants he put out last season or the season before which has the ribbed cuff?
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Probably nowhere

Watch b&s, superfuture, and if you're brave yahoo japan and rakuten
Or just buy this season's or wait for fall
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Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post

Are his denim jackets that much nicer than, say, Levi's?  Price is kinda up there for what it is unless they're lined or something

in response to this, i don't know cause i've never owned levi's but i doubt they would fit like this:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Nice. XS levis truckers were never slim enough for me. Geller is in-between that Dior Homme and Levis cut. Would be nice to see another slim denim jacket to compare too.
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Beauty. I have the zip one from Fall 2011 - it doesn't look as good as that.
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desi, how did this jacket look in person? looks awesome in the photos. will probably be out of my price range, but damn. my favorite Geller piece in a while

i like the collection. i always like his colors. will be curious to see the bottoms in person. a lot of them look like sweats, which I'm not really into. i really like the cut of the not-skinny bottoms in general though. kinda want to pick up the zipper blazer this time around, though I'm hoping they tweak the fit because I was kinda between sizes with the last version.

I don't care what anyone says, I think the styling in his shows is always great. Maybe I'd ditch some of the accessories at times, but the combinations/layering are consistently good. In fact, I think that's why I sometimes feel let down when I see stuff in person. Even FW12—where I was at the show, saw the clothes up close, and really loved a lot of it—didn't look great to me on the store racks. You need all the pieces together. The layering is really essential. Some of the FW13 shorts, for example, look kinda shitty, but with leggings underneath save them. You can see the shorts in this photo. (other detail shots here too:

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