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I am kinda iffy on that jean jacket design which is disappointing cause I wanted to pick up an indigo one.

Funny to see that they got a dip dye again which wasn't in the press photos or line list...I like the color though
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If you make something that sells out as soon as it arrives at stores - you'll probably wanna just re-order for the next season. smile.gif
Investors like it, stores like it and Geller's business ledger likes it.
And so do we!
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I like the denim jacket, especially like the colour. I don't plan on spending anywhere near that on a denim jacket though...
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wow, these closeup shots look balla!
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I'm really glad they got rid of the ugly ass streaks that were in the sweat stuff. I guess it wasn't that bad though
Colors are all switched around too!

Still don't know why the pictures are sideways.
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Acrimony got a first drop including a custom colored dip dye
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Friends at Blackbird let me try on the neoprene gauntlets.
Holy WTF. Nicely constructed, high quality neoprene but man they were not breathable . . . at all. (which is why I suppose they use it for wetsuits!)
Super tight.

Apparently Blackbird had to convince Robbie to make em. So I think there's only the one or a couple pair.

You don't even want to know the price.

The 2-color panel oxford is rad.
The 'sepia black' jeans are 10x better in person. More of a dark brownish black with some feathered sepia - but it's very understated.
Turned out really beautiful actually.

The Coral jeans are barf, though.
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good to know about the jeans.

Yeah Geller has a hard time making a lot of the smaller things from the shows. Probably why Blackbird was the only one to get the leather cummerbund (that I wish I bought) too.
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Yeah, my understanding that all that neoprene was supposed to be only for the runway. Blackbird always picking up the wilder stuff, I like it.
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Still mad that no one in the US got the arm/leg bands from a couple seasons ago.
Could have re-started a new thin arm/legband trend!
(as opposed to the chunky punk rock sweatbands from the 90's)
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I hope somebody somewhere gets the s/s brush stroke shirt. So hard to get ahold of short sleeves.

Blackbird got the collarless short sleeve but not 44 frown.gif
Worth noting they only got 1 of each size in all the shirts they have so far

Also, would rock the pink jeans

AHH I was so close to proxying those arm bands from Zozo a few months ago.
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Yeah, so sizing of the dip dye is more tts than last season. I got the green last time and a 44 fits more like a 46, the 44 this time is definitely a 44.
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no gauntlets yet . . .

Sepia Jeans. Yes plz.

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They are so good inlove.gif

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