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i was hesitant about paying 300 for a sweatshirt, but i just got mine in and i'll be damned if it wasn't an incredible purchase at that price. love it
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I wonder how many people who buy the sound tees have actually heard the sound. I mean I had to buy their albums on vinyl just so I could rip them, no other way to get those albums.  Yet the tees flew off the shelves?

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Cuz the hand-painted style typography is fucking awesome.

I want one and I've never heard em.
The main body of water here in Seattle is the Puget Sound, which everyone calls The Sound - so it gets extra meaning.
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eh people wearing band tees of bands they've never heard of is pretty wack. why would you wanna rep something you don't know anything about? having said that, the sound is pretty rad.
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Originally Posted by Desi View Post

From Peter on Tumblr

Someone just got a phantom
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I'm not really into the dots.
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Join us at the dot legion!
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Also this is on ebay

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I liked The Sound before Geller dip dyed it
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Am I missing something or is that puffer pretty bad? Not feeling the ribbing on the neck.
I mean it's ok, but 700 is just way too much for a cotton puffer without anything special. 400 would've been a reasonable price.
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damn i like that a lot but yeah what ^ he said
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I think it looks awesome.
I don't think the price is all that inappropriate either, I wonder how much W+H will charge for their version. And how much is Rick's again?

So does anyone know anything about the runway show yet?
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^I think that dot tee would look cool sized up one. It's too tight on the model. Also, those jodhpur pants are exactly the sort of thing I hoped would get produced. Finally, somebody decided to spend some money on design, not just jeans and tees! Now if only I could spend money on design right now...

What are people's reactions to SS2013? I'm a little underwhelmed. He's starting to rehash a little too much. I've defended the rehashing before, but I'm no longer feeling like he's even presenting older ideas in a new context. It's like the same ideas in the same context. There are some really cool pieces here and there, but as a collection I think it fell a little flat.
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