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Just got my Massimo bomber from the PO! Initial first impression( tried on once ): The material, which is a 50/50 cotton nylon blend, is pretty substantial. On the heavier side. The heaviest Geller jacket I've tried on to date. I do like the strap closure. However, it doesn't feel like it's anchored to the material well. There appears to be single stitching seam holding it in place. There could be more to it that I cant see though. The strap is very flimsy and soft. Not as strap-like as I thought. I just pictured a thicker material. Not a detractor in any way.The green color really stands out in person. Hard to see up in pics.  I also really like the added details to the elastic ribbing with the two stripes to both cuffs, waistband, and collar. Very nice detail. The pockets don't have a hidden button or anything keeping them closed. They are just open. That might be an issue for some. There are two inside chest pockets on either side which is nice and extra convenient. As far as fit goes, I feel it fits true to size but ever so slightly bigger. I go with 44 in Geller in jackets and this is also a 44. I think this would be a slim fit with a person who wears 46. The quality and craftsmanship is A1! No loose threads anywhere! You definitely cannot wear this jacket when temps start in the 70's. This is a fw jacket and that means you can start to wear this jacket when temps hit the 60's and lower. 


If anyone has any further questions, just ask.

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I'm more interested in it now knowing its a substantial material--the pictures have always had the appearance of a lightweight jacket. 


Any comments on the strap when you don't fasten it?  

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Definitely regretting not preordering the Massimo. 

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Originally Posted by hayaoyamaneko View Post

Definitely regretting not preordering the Massimo. 
Why? It's available now at several different places.
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Because you would have it already for 20% under retail.

Did any of you pre-order the Raphael bomber? That was the one I was most interested in, especially that red colour.
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glad I did not since I would have ended up with the wrong size in a final sale transaction. YMMV of course
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Have the Raphael and the Garment dyed bomber popped up anywhere yet? I thought both of those jackets were more interesting than the Massimo honestly. I like the strap closure, but I likely wouldn't actually use it all that much and otherwise the Massimo looked a little unexceptional at full retail.

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How do you get it at 20% off retail? I'm a stock 47 in Falcon, anyone know what size the Massimo would fit for me?
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Because NMWA and a few other places offer 20% off pre-orders.
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Speaking of the Massimo bomber, we didn't stock it but we did have one customer pre-order it in black, and it's really nice, but I'm having trouble reaching him. If you're reading this, and your initials are JN and you pre-ordered this bomber in black, size 46, please reach out to us!


I did try it on quickly though, and it's great. I felt it fit true to size for the tagged size, with slightly wide shoulders that fit the vibe of the jacket, but maybe I just like things to fit a little bigger

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Wtf is this site?

Drifter print photog shirt and sweater in stock?
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is the leaf print shirt out yet?
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Look at this shirt professor Robert Geller (not the one who finds fashion silly) is wearing:





Coincidence? ;)

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Quick question guys

Anyone traveling or currently living in Japan?
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