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^ Haaa. Didn't you just buy those?
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Originally Posted by NAMOR View Post

^ Haaa. Didn't you just buy those?

sadly yes
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geezus namor. you are the aportnoy of sw&d.
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Best icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
  • DH Power Blue MIJ 17.5cm jeans -- best fit, ever
  • Black MMM GATs -- I can be boring
  • Burberry London Treyforth dress shirts -- first slim-fit shirt that truly doesn't billow
  • Belstaff Navy Zip-up Sweater -- my go-to light outerwear piece (best for layering)
  • LL Bean Duck Boots (lined with Goretex, Made in Maine) -- I usually eschew the whole LL Bean, J Crew faux outdoors vibe but in this case they're extremely useful and so bubbly warm
  • Barneys Coop Black V-Neck Sweater -- on sale for $69. MIC so quality is questionable, but for price nice cut and cool feel

Worst shog[1].gif
  • DH Raw Denim about 12 sizes too large -- had to sell these at a loss
  • Random pair of Diesel sneakers -- although dirt cheap, dirt poor quality, questionable design, never felt right
  • Thomas Pink Wool Skinny Tie (Gray) -- never worn, sits in box, sadness
  • Black DH bifold wallet -- quality was on par with something you'd get at Macy's. Returned to Saks immediately. The perils of online shopping
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This thread makes me regret not pulling the trigger on a Stark when I had a chance.
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"had a chance?"

they're available everywhere man.
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

"had a chance?"
they're available everywhere man.

Had a chance = "saw one that was ok that was super marked down"

edit - not that there's anything wrong with that
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

"had a chance?"
they're available everywhere man.

Not here in the UK
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Alden Indy boots in #8 - I get so much use out of these and even though they are only a few months old, the color is really starting to fade nicely, especially in the sun
RRL Officer Chino - Absolutely love these pants and they have become so comfortable once they were a little broken in. They seem positively bulletproof too
LL Bean Norwegian sweater - It's a bit heavier than I originally anticipated but looks great with a pair of jeans, chinos, or even some flannel trousers
Filson Mackinaw Cruiser - I know it's probably a bit "trad" for most here in SW&D but I love mine. So very comfortable and is a great piece of outerwear for when I am out on a long walk or working outside and don't want to worry about overheating


Alden v-tips on the "Modified" last - The shoes fit great and the Modified last might be one of the most comfortable I've ever put my foot into, but the look is just not for me
Bonobos cords in a burnt orange boot cut - What was I thinking?
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woolrich woolen mills x Inventory - Woody shirt (perfect inbetween layer, heavy enough to wear as a jacket on some days, thin enough to wear under another jacket on others)

uniform wares 151 watch in rose gold/brown



probably anything throwaway-cheap I bought from H&M.

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I had very little disposable income until a windfall near the end of the year and I decided to more or less completely start over on my wardrobe, so my purchases were pretty unimpressive compared to most of the people itt, but:

Allen Edmonds Weybridge - I get compliments on these virtually every single time I wear them
Chippewa for J Crew plain toe boot - simple but sharp, and comfortable
SmartWool socks - my only regret is that I didn't discover these several years ago
Lands' End Tailored Fit No Iron OCBD - bought a bunch of these on sale for $12/ea just for the hell of it and they fit almost perfectly OTR; no idea how long they'll hold up, but at this price who gives a shit

Some shitty pair of COMUNE pants on clearance at UO. They were great for about a week and then the waist loosened up a ridiculous amount and they pilled like a motherfucker

Planning to focus on quality over quantity and dip my toes into designer clothes in 2012 - I have a huge boner for SS, Geller and Epaulet, that S.N.S. Herning Stark cardigan is a must buy, and I'd like to pick up a pair of jeans in the PBJ or Momo echelon.
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Best/worst, but in terms of how much wear I got out of stuff I bought.


- That green Junya jacket I got for $40 and washed/dried a few times and made super soft icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif Wore this thing pretty much every night for a while there in the summer, and every day in spring/early fall.
- EG geometric dobby pants. They were suuuper lightweight and got me through the summer.
- APC camo jacket. Became my go-to fall coat when too chilly for Junya, and layered with my vest when the weather got cooler.

And one I'm excited about but have only worn a handful of times: Uniqlo ultralight down jacket - I wear this under my duffel on cold days and it keeps me super warm without the amount of bulk my down vests would give. I recommend these to everyone that gets cold like me!


-Blue/White striped SS10 Junya blazer with gingham details. Was really excited about this but didn't like the fit on me at all. Major disappointment. Sold on eBay.
-Our Legacy light wash jeans. A little lighter than I expected, but I got them late in the season so I only wore them once. Will resume wearing once the weather gets warm though since I really like them anyway.
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ToJ 2011 Moto
AA v neck t (fit me perfect!)

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Odyn Vovk suicide jeans
Odyn Vovk tanks
Robert Geller laced overcoat
Robert Geller big ass scarf (thanks alwaysnever!)
Robert Geller jean jacket
Robert Geller light wash jeans
RG x Common Projects boots
Raf Vandals
Raf by Raf graphic tees
Margiela boots

Julius jeans, tees, boots :/
Viridi Anne M65
BoO dip dye and tons of other stuff that I sold
Cloak boots, not because I didn't like them but because I got excited and didn't listen and they were too small, lost $150 :/
Like 20 Rxmance tees, loved them at first but moved on to looser and drapier tees soon after. Lmk if you want a big assortment of black/white v and crew necks in XS. This might have been last year
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Originally Posted by bows1 View Post

Had a chance = "saw one that was ok that was super marked down"
edit - not that there's anything wrong with that

This. I guess I could have been a little more specific on my original post, it is a little vague.
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