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Land's End Canvas s/s madras shirt - fits not so well
Billy Reid blazer - took $200 of alterations to get this to fit, as I bought a size too large. It fits OK now but really just a sinkhole of money. I should have just sold it when I got it. Lesson learned hopefully.

Sinn 556A - perfect tool watch
Uniqlo +J blazer and suit - perfect off-the-rack fit

BoO blazer - needs slight alterations, but looks like this is going to be a winner
EG Andover - don't know if I'm a fan of the wrinkled look ... perhaps I should just press it.

Albam duffle overcoat - basically too slim in the sleeves, but otherwise great fit and keeps me warm.
Krane Ayling - loved it but too warm for where I live so had to sell it.
Gap skinny fit jeans - fit almost as well as 511s, currently my favorite jean to wear. I'm definitely not a denim head and fit is more important to me than anything else, so these work.
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Funny how the DC hoodie I got from Pac Sun and A&F t shirts are some of the most durable clothes I've handled.
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Tricker's Bourton Espresso Burnished. Took a gamble when I bought them online without trying them on. Ended up fitting me perfectly and looks good with everyting I have.

W+H henley, cowichan sweater, camo bush pants.

Club Monaco oxford shirts


Nom de Guerre Civil Affair pants in black. Too baggy for my liking and when I took it to the alterations; the tailor fucked it up. It's now a little too slim for my liking.
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toj1 - wearing this bomber side out most of the time.
uniqlo socks - need to get more of these
+j wool trousers - one of those basics that i finally ended up buying
tat suit - another thing i just really needed since i didn't own any suits at the time.

raf zipper cardigan - not bad, just doesn't quite match with what i'm going for. might put up on b&s.
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Best: a pair of KMW 1950's (...too bad the company is barely alive, it seems)
Worst: a pair of Momotaro's (...too tight in the thighs...)
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-Any RRL denim, I think I bought 3-4 pairs this year and honestly I love each one
-I got some Frye boots as a present and they are the most comfortable boots I have, and they looks tough as nails compared to the W+H service boots
-LEC slim fit chinos, somehow these fit me great and they feel tough and I wear em hard cause they are so replaceable
- stay-dri polos from uniqlo that I swear by in the heat!
- RL black label leather moto jacket, its more modern than I'm used to, but damn I look good.

- any footwear from LEC. I bought pretty much on deep discount and even then I regretted them and returned. such horrible quality.
- hugo boss bedsheets using some "super luxurious" fabric. felt like crap and looked like crap. not worth even the sale price.
- Any sweater I got this year, i just liked the idea of them and i guess I'm just not a sweater guy. $700 bucks of knits not touched, but I cant bare to part =(
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-SNS Herning Roentgen sweater in navy and Stark in burgundy. The only knits I ever wear.

-CP chukkas in tan leather. My go to everyday shoes.

-OL white OCBD. Just looks good with everything.



-Merz B Schwanen army style t-shirt that I really loved but shrank a bit too much. Hate myself when I buy stuff that I know is going to end up to small.

-Universal Works Parka in weird dusty charcoal. The colorway isn't that sharp charcoal that you want, it's more like "what color is your coat???". Also, it's 100% cotton, has plain white lining which is now blue from my raw denims and it can't take nordic winter conditions at all. I would say its worth around half what I bought it for, at most.

-A whole bunch of preppy stuff I bought in the beginning of the summer when I thought I liked that look. Makes me look like a douchebag and pretty much everyone else in Sweden.

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Best purchases were the more expensive items I purchased. It's difficult to think of a t-shirt or jeans as a "best purchase".

junhashimoto "inner riders" leather

junhashimoto "ribbed" leather

wjk "cold weather" M66

N4 boots

Worst purchase would probably be some wjk shorts which had too baggy of a fit.
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Originally Posted by baconzilla View Post

best: all my undercover shit and my TOJ1
worst: polka dot happy socks... what was I thinking???haha still fun to wear though

Cosign on the Happy Socks! Haha
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2. SExDBxSxS12s

I wear these things literally every day I can (the ToJ since the weather's cooled down enough to wear it).


1. Daytons (still haven't received my replacement pair)
2. Couple of pairs of boots I bought off B&S and ebay that ended up being too small/not the right style for me

Most of my purchases that didn't work out were returnable, so I could also say the combined return shipping charges of more than half of my purchases.


- Levi's x Filson trucker - The weather hasn't been bad enough to break it out much.
- MMM GATs - I'm mostly wearing boots during colder weather, although I'm sure they'll get a lot of use once it warms up next year.

Honorable mentions for best:

- MMM side zip boots (I haven't had them long enough to call them a definitive best)
- AA baby-rib thermal henleys
- cashmere blend Happy Socks (although the non-cashmere pairs I bought are pretty lousy)
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- Balenciaga puffer jacket (could have gone very badly, was not returnable)
- Bal shearling/suede jacket
- Bal zipup shearling lined boots (dumb luck)
- Bal waxed black denim
- MA+ grey boots
- RO intarsia moto.
- Also that DVN raindrop bomber that is so easy to wear.
- And the grey Diors that I could wear every day.
- (and the Zara funnel coat redface.gif)


- fake patent leather Balenciaga boots (not the zip boots) off sufu that were the cheapest thing I ever saw when I opened the box; I was livid. Seller took them back.
- Multicolor painted Diors that are way too much for me to wear; those are being sold. offers?
- I failed on a bunch of stuff I can't even remember--if it was unreturnable I put it on b&s or ebay that day.

I still have a few 2011 purchases in transit that could either be best or worst .....
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^ wait those balenciaga zip boots were fake?

-old Helmut Lang bondage silk jacket
-Schneider hooded alpaca coat (even moreso now that it's rarer then unicorn pelt)
-Ann bondage pants
-Julius calf leather

Viridi Anne linen jacket. Fit was ok but the fabric felt really cheap and uncomfortable against the skin. Not to mention all the dust it attracted.
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^ I think you're thinking of the shearling lined ones.

I'm kinda sad I missed on the hooded alpaca train (inexcusable I know)
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You didn't grab the longer length one?
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Originally Posted by snake View Post

^ wait those balenciaga zip boots were fake?

Lol Those are real. Others were fake thatt no one here ever saw, more in a minute
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