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Robert Geller laced cuff overcoat. I got excited when the weather got cold because I'd get to start wearing it again.

Common Projects officer derby. Beautiful shoes that goes with practically everything I wear.

Nothing super bad, but I bought a handful of Silent/Robert Geller Seconds/Complex Geometries t-shirts and sweatpants that I don't dislike, but find hard to wear on a regular basis. Also when I bought 10 pairs of Happy Socks I shoulda gone for more of the mottled colour ones, 'cause they're more interesting to look at while being less attention grabbing than the other bright colour/polka dot/etc ones.
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Best: KMW Rocker jeans that I bought on eBay on a whim, ended up being the best fit I've ever had. Also, black Iron Rangers that just came in the mail two days ago.

Worst: Opening Ceremony X Pendleton moto jacket that I love but can never seem to find occassion to wear.
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Best: KMW Rocker jeans that I bought on eBay on a whim, ended up being the best fit I've ever had. Also, black Iron Rangers that just came in the mail two days ago.
Worst: Opening Ceremony X Pendleton moto jacket that I love but can never seem to find occassion to wear.

musicboohoo[1].gif I was thinking about getting it too but when the pattern is just hard to wear everyday... Fit is on point though

Best: General Idea, puffer jacket thing from F/W 2010 runway.
Worse: Marc by marc jacob pants, some of the lower quality club monoco shirts and not really worse, but just have too much Y-3 stuff...
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- RL Rugby Wool Duffle Coat
- Somet 003s
- Paul Smith socks - (nearly didn't pull the trigger on these because it seemed ridiculous to spend this much on socks, but I walked around the entire first day I wore them with a giant smile on my face)


- Banana Republic Dress Trousers - Had a hunch when I bought them that I shouldn't be paying that much for a pair of trousers from BR, but the material felt high quality and I liked the cut. Didn't go 6m before they'd worn through in the rear though.
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Worst: diesel raw denim, acne sneakers, raf x fred perry stuff, asos shirts & t-shirts

Best: Raf mainline stuff, balenciaga sneakers and jacket, dries shirt
kva, jil and cdg t-shirts
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Nigel Cabourn Sub Knit, and King George Coat
Margaret Howell Sweaters
Unis Chinos


W+H blazer
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Toj mdr
acne tee's
CK Collection hidden placket white shirt
Rag and Bone boots
SS Scarf
Uniqlo Black T-000


Drkshdw jacket that is too big.
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Le Laboureur wool winter jacket. Super simple, great color, great fit.
Edwin Nashville jeans. Not very exciting, but fits pretty much perfectly and quality is solid.
Buzz rickson orginal spec chinos. Wish I hadnt hemmed them though...
Bunch of Gant Rugger "hugger" bd shirts, fits perfectly.


Trickers malton,, didnt fit right so I sold them for a huge loss :/
My feet have for some reason gotten a bit bigger, especially the evil left one, so Ive gotten rid of like 5 pairs of boots, and havent found any decent replacments yet. Tried a bunch (clarks, dimmes, paraboot yosemite) but nothing really fits.
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SNS Herning Stark in Navy Blue. One of the most versatile layering options ever.
Assortment of Drakes Bow-ties.

Junya Varsity Jacket. Sizing for Junya is all over the place. Grabbed a medium in the Varsity Sweater cardigan, which fit perfect on me..a different sweater had long sleeves in the same size, the Varsity Jacket in medium had long sleeves also....after much returning and lost shipping costs, I've got the varsity jacket in a small, which fits just a tad too snug. Still deciding whether to try to flip it or hope it'll loosen up a bit when the leather breaks in...
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SNS Herning Stark in Navy (my favorite sweater and the item that gets the most compliments of my wardrobe- need to track down the Marked and Amalgam cardigans)
Alden Ravello Day Tripper boots from Leffot
Polo x C&J Lindrick boots
Various Epaulet trousers
RRL Aran Shawl Cardigan


Epaulet shadow dot shirt (bought into the hype on this and I can't pull it off)
Wolf vs Goat oxfords in peach & grape (like the fit of these shirts, but the colors don't work for me)
Clarks desert boots in beeswax
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Best of '11:

PBJ xx009 - After a few months of struggling with the 005/007 cut, I bit the big one and purchased the cut with the larger thighs. Has been my go-to pair since April. The denim is beautiful, construction is spot on. I have a xx003 waiting in the wings as the rotation opens up.

N&F Solid Black WG - bought in August while going through a monochrome phase. Denim is great, has stretched out to fit like a glove, and works as a great change up to my indigo rotation.

Allen Edmonds "Chester" Balmoral Wingtip Oxford in Black - was looking for a quick upgrade to get out of my black dress shoes. Snagged off Ebay for $40. There's a single ding in the leather along the line where the upper is stitched to the sole, but completely unnoticeable while wearing. A complete steal for the price (and bloody comfortable too).

Worst of '11:

Banana Republic Casual Shirts: I like the patterns, but the weight and construction feel like crap. They're shirts from the summer line, so purchased in early spring, and then went into the closet while I went on an internship. Never really got to wear them, and my hatred for BR has only increased since getting back. So I don't think they were ever even worn.

Undecided '11:

Wolf vs. Goat BD Oxford in Blue Raspberry: Would easily be in the "best of" list if I hadn't started massing on my lifting routine. Still fits really well, but boarderline tight across the shoulders. Also the armholes are so high that they'll show an inordinate amount of sweat sometimes. shog[1].gif

Alden Balmoral Wingtip Oxford in Shell Cordovan #8 - officially purchased in '11 via Ebay, but won't receive until '12. Undecided because I don't yet have them in my hand to take in.

SNS Herning Merino V - Again, ebay'd in '11, receiving in '12.


I sold off a lot more than I bought this year, so I'm looking around for things to mention and just can't come up with anything.

'10 Updates:

LVC 1947 501 - Still an amazing piece of my denim rotation. Fit remains spot on, wear is coming slowly.

Barbour A-7 International - The piece that I live for. Continues to be a constant pleasure to put on. Recently rewaxed the coat myself, and fell even harder for it.
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J.Lindberg bridge project chinos. Perfect for my needs and the fit is nice enough. I don't understand what I did before I bought them.
APC fine knit stripy sweater. I use it a lot.
Acne sweatshirt, same reason.

Worst: wine colored Acne sweatshirt. It's long enough, but the neck is too large. I have no t-shirts with a neckline large enough for it. I was disappointed because the other one I have feels better.
APC jacquard sweater. The fit on this is too boxy for me. I've realised it's not intended to fit like the fine knit, but it just looks bad on me.

Also purchased a toj1 this year, but I haven't had it for long enough to see how much I use it.
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my favorite purchases of this year


Gant buffalo check shirt--got it on sale, great for hot days, get endless compliments in the street, and it's a pretty loud shirt in a way i love.

Gitman flannel shirt--pretty fucking luxurious in its softness

But a lot of my favorite shit I wore this year were my '10 purchases--TOJ calf bomber, Raleigh denim, a bunch of Baron Wells shirts that might actually be '09 purchases. That was pretty much my uniform this year.
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- Lad Musician N3B Parka. Nice and warm, really great cut.
- Gitman patterned shirts (Expedition and floral). Never thought I'd like them as much as I do
- W+H Sweaters. Didn't care for the quality of the rest of the FW stuff this year, but the sweaters fit perfectly and feel great.
- Geller knit. It's this interesting inverted fair isle pattern. Feels delicate and nice.
- Schneider long coat. Mad compliments on this thing. Fits like a glove.

- Uniqlo coats. They fit like shit this year!
- Guidi boots. The quality was fantastic; they were really a great pair of boots, but they didn't fit my style at all. Just one of those 'what was I thinking?' purchases. I definitely want another more suited pair though.
- Everything else.
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EG field parka
SNS stark
baron wells button down

random collection of LEC coats
AA t-shirts
random grey hoodie from pac sun (bought with a gift card, pilled like crazy)
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