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Your Best & Worst Purchases of 2011

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I can't believe you jerks are again leaving it up to me to lay out a space where we can all gab about our best and worst purchases of the year. Let's not dwell on the collective laziness, though, and instead, focus on the topic at hand.

What purchases did you make this year that gave you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside long after the new car smell that comes with any purchase had evaporated? You know, the piece that made you wonder how you ever got yourself out of bed before you had that piece in your life. The one that allowed you to say, "Well, everything else is terrible, but at least I still have ___."

Conversely, what occurrences of bank account drainage this year were nothing short of a disaster? That item you eyed and longed for over the course of many weeks and months, only to be completely underwhelmed (or even heartbroken) once you had it in your possession. Maybe that piece that you just couldn't get rid of, no matter how many times you took a cyber hatchet to that son of a bitch in the B&S forum.

I had an unremarkable 2011 in the way of new jawnz acquisitions for various reasons. Few purchases happened and those that did weren't terribly notable. I had some bad ones, but most of those weren't expensive and subsequently not something I lost any sleep over.

And like last year, update us on your entries from the 2010 list.


- Krane jacket: So good. One of the few non-casualties from me putting on some size in 2011. The thing is so warm but trim enough that it doesn't look out of a place at the bar. The fur collar is, I suppose, a bit jarring in that you don't see that sort of thing around here. But it's still low key enough where people aren't calling me "Superfly."

- Epaulet shirt and trousers: Loved both, but got too snug in the wrong places. Sold the shirt and will be listing the trousers for dirt cheap whenever I can tear myself away from making stupid threads like this one.

- W+H boots: Ah, loved the look of these things, but I sold them in April because I needed the money. Still, I wouldn't have parted with them if they had fit better. Even with insoles, the boots just never got along with my feet and any time I wore them out, I could be sure that borderline agony was going to be on the agenda by the end of the night.

- Uniqlo grey denim: Same deal as the Epaulet stuff. Loved these, but they just couldn't contain my thighs after a while. Kind of heartbroken they didn't release them again this year, because a size up would have been perfect.
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Best clothing purchases: some Petronius neckties and pocket squares, and a Eredi Chiarini six fold silk grenadine tie.

Worst clothing purchases: pretty much everything else. Bought a Buzz Rickson's MA-1, I wear it to walk the dog in, but it fits like shit, and people on the street generally stay away from me if I wear that thing, I look like I am up to no good (with 2" of my arms sticking out of the too-short sleeves... and this was the 'long+slender' model....). Eternal 811's fit like ass. Various Americana boots look dumb in smaller sizes. BBBF oxford shirt sleeves could probably give me liftoff if I flapped my arms hard enough.

updates: 2010's (2009?) best buy was my SInn watch, still wear it daily and enjoy looking at it.

Possible best buy, yet unproven: some $30 Vans fake Uggs I just bought after seeing a TV ad, to wear as winter slippers inside my house. I have s steel staircase and the downstairs is brutally cold. I have no shame when I am this cold. I will wear with sweats.

Best non-clothing purchases of 2011: Lombardi's Pizza with willy_cheeseteak, Pho 79 in little Saigon with winq, some whisky I drank with a bunch of sufu guys and poly800rock, and then I got some custom-cut 100% wool berber carpets for my house mad cheap, $200 a piece or so with yarn-bound edges. Also got a fake LC2 petit 3P in really nice black leather for under a stack and the dog hasn't fucked it up, so all good right now.
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Mine's pretty boring too:


Best:  SNS Stark in black melange.  Wear it constantly.


Worst:  See sig.  Hendrix posted it in B&S ebay someone should cop thread, enough said. 

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List updated


Lanvin Black Fedora Hat
Lanvin Black Raw Seam Blazer
Lanvin Shearling Jacket
Lanvin Beige Bib Pleated Shirt
Lanvin Blue Twist Shirt
Lanvin Blue Grosgrain Collar Shirt
Lanvin Red Check Grosgrain CollarShirt
Lanvin Contrast Panel Cardigan
Lanvin Black Silk Hoodie
Lanvin Navy Double Breasted Cardigan
Lanvin Super 120' Stripe Pants
Lanvin Wool-Blend Pants

YSL Brown Shearling Bomber
YSL Navy Granded collar shirt
YSL Flecked Cashmere Sweater

Balenciaga Black Silk/Wool Bomber
Balenciaga Burgundy Poplin Shirt
Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Gray Peacoat
Brooks Brothers Gray Fitzgerald Suit
Bottega Veneta Shawl Collar Sweater
Bottega Veneta wallet
Burberry Prorsum Sand Sateen Double Breasted Trench
Burberry Prorsum Blue Velvet Peak Lapel Blazer

Jil Blue V-neck Sweater
Jil Geometric Printed Shirt
Marni Cardigan
RLBL Charcoal Blazer
Valentino Cardigan
Viktor and Rolf Dotted Shirt

Crockett and Jones Black Northcote
Bottega Veneta Nero Calf Shoe
John Lobb Black City II
John Lobb Brown City II
John Lobb Brown William Leather Double Monk
Ralph Lauren Purple Label Bi-Color Brogue
Lanvin Blue Patent Toe Sneaker
Lanvin Black Patent Toe Sneaker

Drake's Ties are my fav and too many random accessories

I already returned/sold all my worst purchases.
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First time participating in a best/worst thread, so nothing to rehash from 2010... but:

Best of 2011:
  • Dior Homme DOVA jeans --- love the subtle wax finish (a la sharp notation but 10x less sheen) and the fit is absolutely perfect. It's 19cm but fits like 17.5cm... nice and slim and not too baggy anywhere. Waist is nice and loose, forgiving on my hips which MII washed Diors are anything but. I wear these all the time.
  • Black patent rafstros --- Definitely a flashy sneaker, but they're comfy IMO and every bit as awesome as I thought they would be
  • BDG slim v-neck t-shirts --- just a nice basic that fits nice and slim and isn't too short (unlike alternative apparel), and the first v-neck that I've found which actually looks decent on me. Can't complain about that

Worst of 2011:
  • Paul Smith Yorks --- Wanted them for a very long time an finally got my hands on a pair for dirt cheap, but they still couldn't have been more of a disappointment. I got a mismatched pair, so one boot was made with a different type of leather than the other and fit about a half size smaller. Aside from that, the shape was still very unappealing and totally not as I imagined. Thankfully I was able to dump them without taking (much of) a loss
  • W+H x Dayton Service Boots --- again, lusted after them for quite a while and managed to pick up a sample pair that sat in B&S for at least a month. They didn't have the extremely washed look that the final production version had, and looked more along the lines of the Dayton boots that most people custom order. They were great looking boots, but good god were they uncomfortable. Like APK, every time I wore them out I was in agony by the end of the day (sometimes even mid-day).
  • Diesel Thanaz 17F --- purchased in my desperation for a pair of black waxed denim. Looked like shit, fit like shit. Way too baggy.... looked like I was wearing a trash bag on my legs. Took a pretty big loss on these.
  • Levis 510 --- Way too skinny and way too tapered. Upper block looks like a saggy diaper and the calves look like leggings.

Yet to be determined:
  • Shipley & Halmos long wool coat --- From a past season, not sure which (I think FW09?). Just received it shortly before leaving on vacation so I have not yet had a chance to wear it out. Needs a little bit of tailoring to make it fit properly on me, and I haven't quite decided if I should tailor it or just sell it. Waiting until I get back to give it another look. Besides the fit, it's a very lovely coat so I hope it works out.
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Best: Eagle of Independence boots from Blue Owl.
Runners-up: Somet Jeans, Our Legacy parka, everything from Epaulet

Worst: Dayton boots. Ugh. Don't even get me started.
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lol I would like to say Dayton Boots too but I haven't even received them yet so I cant say haha

Best: TOJ moto 2011. Got to meet Drew in person, which kind of relieved the guilt of creeping the thread for a couple years without registering.
WvG Sweat Knickers. Had to jump on the vagina fabric hype but never regretted. So good icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Worst: a box of Shin Ramen that had dried rat pieces. I got 12 replacement boxes from Nongshim but I had to sell all of them after that bad experience. shog[1].gif
Buttero boots. After opening the box I threw up a little. Returned without taking the boots out of the box
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Geller dip dye. Wear it all the time to lounge around the house and when I walk to get coffee in the morn
Nike x UC running shoes- wear them to the gym basically everyday
White Mountianeering Socks- awesome for cold nights
MMM Black Oxfords


Geller button up
Number (N)ine sweater- only on worst b/c it doesn't fit and was expensive and I've been too lazy to sell it
Geller Fight pants- look dumb on me. may just turn them in to work out pants
W&H thermal- stiching came out after one wear, thin and shitty
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  • Engineered Garments olive field parka
  • Engineered Garments chambray workshirt
  • RRL Officer Chinos
  • RRL low straight one-wash jeans
  • Gitman japanese chambray oxfords (x3) - love these shirts

  • Belstaff Roadmaster - waxed cotton is too clamy for what I wanted to use it for I decided
  • shirts that didn't fit quite right (Sugar Cane flannel, EG chambray in a size too small, etc. - see my classifieds)
  • White's semi-dress in a 1/2 size too small. Had 11.5 that felt a little big, though I could drop down to 11....turns out I can't.

This list made me realize a couple things. I didn't really make too many bad purchases this year. The ones I did make were mostly wrong sizes and in some cases it was a lesson that had to be learned by experience so I'm ok with that. I also realize I made a whole lot of really good purchase. I love so much of the stuff I bought this year (and it was a lot, very much a wardrobe rebuilding year for me). I could list a good dozen shirts that I bought this year and absolutely love, along with at least one more jacket, a couple pair of pants and a few pair of shoes.
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Number (n)ine belt. It goes with everything. Best part was that I picked it up for something under $200. On Japanese sites, the same belt is selling for about $350. Win. Plus, the beige/grey color I have goes with a lot more than the dark brown and black versions

RRL Gambler's jacket. I love the jean jacket shape (it's technically not a Type III jacket, it's really much more like the Lee's version of it) but I cannot do the Canadian Tuxedo. So, I've always looked for good versions in leather and melton wool. I lucked out on this one.

TheMadly tote/backpack in London Tan cowhide. At long last, a cool backpack that looks good and will save my back. It can hold my laptop and about 2 changes of clothes, which makes it a perfect carryon for shorter trips, and for a longer trip, all you need is a 20" roll-on.


Wings+Horns cashmere/wool sweater - nothing really wrong with it, really, but I don't wear the things enough, and the material is neither as soft as last year's cashmere version, nor as tough as older Wings+Horns stuff.

Paul Smith strapped boots. The leather is just too soft - suitable for gloves, not so much for shoes. They scratch and rip, and not in the way that makes them look good. Sign...
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TOJ Uncontrol Rider


5351 bag


Kiryuyrik jodhpur boots


Worst: Too much to count ... so much Tornado Mart shit that either didn't fit or totally isn't my taste anymore. Don't even have pics of most of it around. Oh well, what's done is done -- I know where I'm headed.
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Naked & Famous black overdye Weird Guys - I was desiring overdye jeans for the longest time but could never find a pair that fit how I wanted them to. This all changed with these. Perfect blend of quality, price and fit.

Baller knits - Stepped up my game this year with a few MMMs, Schneider and a Jil.

Smart wool socks - Awesome.


Honestly, not much. A few T's I don't wear but as nothing cost more than $30-40, it's not a big deal. I made a lot of good decisions this year and all my mistakes were inexpensive.
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best: all my undercover shit and my TOJ1

worst: polka dot happy socks... what was I thinking???haha still fun to wear though
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Barbour Tokito Bicycle jacket
Incarnation Double Zip Leather jacket
Trickers Stow

Worst (soon to appear on B&S):

Michael Toschi vegetable dyed boots - they are awesome, just beautiful, but just don't fit my feet well
Ettinger keychain - another beautiful item that is not working for me
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Cartier cabochon 2 tone wallet

Giorgio Brato combat boots. Leather feels nice and supple, nice shape with lifted toe box. Like them better than my Carpe Diems

MMM Hi top GATs


Robert Geller GATs in black
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