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For Sale:
Bespoke Charcoal Slim Suit 36R 30x32

Will Ship To: Anywhere

A quintessential formal work suit, designed for me and made by--well, in conjunction with an old Brooklyn tailor--a guy who soon went on to work on suits at Duncan Quinn. It shows: the fit, the materials, the look--all are perfect. I hope my admittedly terrible photos give some indication of that.

-Italian wool (not a summer jacket, but I wear well into the spring)
-Narrower lapels, somewhat shorter jacket length
-two-button front enclosure
-no back vent
-lighter shoulder padding

Measurements below:

Pit to pit: 18"
Shoulder: 16"
Length (hem to collar): 27.25"

Seller's pant size: 30x32
Actual Waist: 15.5"
Actual Length: 41"

The suit was made for me in the late summer of 2007 and has been worn quite a bit--I'd put the condition at "good" because of some light wear at the cuffs, small fraying at the seams, and small fraying of fabric on the right front pocket side of the pants. These flaws are minor--I still wear the suit--and would not be costly for a tailor to fix.

$175 shipped.