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Originally Posted by ambyance View Post

how much are brand new white raf velcro lows?

Matches have just added them at 641 EUR:

Antonioli also at nearly the same price (635 EUR):
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Quite interested in this FW 2002 piece

Any RAF experts has this piece and how does it fit ? Slim or boxy on the body or ? Looking for a margiela-ish fit like this i guess

Fit pics would help. Only ones I am able to find are these runway http://endyma.com/products/2002-archives-virgin-wool-classic-tailored-coat

Coat im interested in - http://www.styleforum.net/t/496411/raf-simons-wool-coat-fw-2002
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No experience with this particular coat, but early Raf usually fits quite slim / size up usually required.
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Does anyone have any info on the "raf simons suits" label? Is it a separate line or is a part of the main raf collection?


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It's the main line. He started adding the "suits" label in the late 2000s (earliest I've seen is 07)- think of it as the Tailor Made label on Jil suits.
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Anyone selling their SS14 Raf x Adidas?


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I may wanna go to a Raf stock sale taking place in Antwerp this week, has anyone experience with it? Possible to find really good deals? 

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shit you're right

my biggest worry with these kinds of things though is that in the general heat and rush I buy a lot of crap, only to find in the evening I've spent 1k in cash and have a pile of old polo shirts to show for it

especially as I don't live in Antwerp, so there's a severe risk of buying crap just to not have made the trip for nothing

I guess if you're super-self-disciplined...

Margiela sample sale is closer to home for me, maybe I do that one, hoping it will result in a smaller quantity of regrettable crap taken home from it
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I stopped by the Margiela Sale since I was in Brussels, pretty disappointed. Not a lot of stuff, and prices not so interesting. The sales ends next Sunday only so they may drop the prices further in the next few days but 295 euros is still quite pricey 

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