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Two fashion school graduates who interned with Raf Simons got a write-up in the January edition of Wallpaper - kinda interesting to see the influence:

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a women's zip turtleneck jumper from fall 12 (his last collection there I believe):

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Some more new stuff, both new and NOS:

Snatched up the last one of these at thecorner. Still debating whether or not to keep it. I realise the cropped look is to some extent intended, but the S is so short on me that the back keeps riding up above my belt even on high-waisted pants. Bit unnerving. It's a beautiful piece but I may yet return it because of that. Or maybe I give it away as a gift or something.

Virgin-wool motorcycle jacket from YOOX (still available there in other sizes) maybe from fall 13 (paired in the fit pictures with also new Ann D. pants):

Raf by Raf knit, also from YOOX - love the design; unfortunately quality is a bit disappointing (even for a diffusion line) considering that even this once retailed for 425 euros:

Jil tie ca. 2010 made from a very nice silk/virgin wool/linen blend:
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Can I still get Raf Low Velcro size 42 anywhere new or used? From here or website, anywhere!!

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Is there any way to tell if a Jil coat I own is by Raf or not? I have the care tag and the code on it.

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2009 onward should have a code on the care tag.



2008 and earlier is indecipherable as far as I know.
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Another new item.
Got this on the last day of the most recent Mr Porter sale; was marked down 70 or 80 per cent to 140€.
Certainly not everybody's taste but I'm a sucker for his techno-inspired leanings:

It's still available on YOOX too (in the same size, S) albeit in a different colour scheme and as yet a little higher-priced.

The wool jacket I posted earlier can theoretically be worn inside out as I only discovered now, looking at the tag.
Of course actually wearing the reverse side out would require removing all tags and maybe even the little hanger loop in the neck to hang up the jacket from.
Also, sadly, the zipper tabs don't rotate round which means zipping and unzipping the jacket when worn with the navy side out is a bit of an awkward process.
Maybe only a neat idea in theory...

Btw I had also ordered and immediately returned this one:


...also double-faced (red inside, as seen below).
So if anyone else is interested in it, it should be available again shortly.
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Double face doesn't necessarily mean the garment is reversible, just that both sides of the fabric are the "outside" (has to do with the weaving; take a non double faced fabric and one side is warp over weft, while the other side is weft over warp).


  1. "Double-faced fabrics are a form of double cloth made of one warp and two sets of wefts, or (less often) two warps and one weft. These fabrics have two right sides or faces and no wrong side, and include most blankets, satin ribbons, and interlinings."
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The things you learn...

Thanks for that; I guess that explains why the tag doesn't actually say "reversible".

Pity, it would have given the jacket a cool deconstructivist look... oh well.
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Originally Posted by accordion View Post

Is there any way to tell if a Jil coat I own is by Raf or not? I have the care tag and the code on it.

all jil tags have a season code on them which is two digits but it's been so long that i've forgotten what they mean

back when i was copping a lot of jil it was in the 40s or 50s
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Two more end-of-season stragglers (maybe, hopefully the last ones):

...still available from matches, btw, and here teamed with T by Alex Wang + Rag&Bone:

Another knit - size M this time, looks much more balanced on me - I kind of regret a bit now keeping the S I posted earlier:

^These close-ups are severely under-exposed, it's a much brighter orange IRL. More like in this fit picture, again paired with T by Alex Wang, Rag&Bone and Alexander Wang x H&M - I suspect this will be one of my favourite outfits for the rest of the winter:

I realise Raf has lost a lot of street cred in recent years in this forum of visvim and Margaret Howell lovers and I know my attempts at breathing life into this long-deceased thread make me a late comer to the party, but what can I do, I still dig his stuff. I am also chuffed at how (unexpectedly) well some of his items can be combined with Alexander Wang, probably my favourite designer atm, whose aesthetic seems totally different at first sight.
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Dude from Idol going for it in Raf.

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this is just weird, hate rafadidases

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Nice Jil alpaca-wool coat for sale here (don't know what season, but presumably Raf):


Not in my size any more but perhaps somebody else is interested. Extra 20 per cent off displayed price till tomorrow.
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how much are brand new white raf velcro lows?

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