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anywhere either online or in NYC that stocks the raf dip dyes? Oki ni is sold out. Porter has em but only the burgundy one (looking for black).
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I have a pair of MMM GATs in a 45 that are a bit snug and was looking at picking up a pair of the Raf derbies should I get an 11 or 12?
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So is all of this Jil leather just too ridiculous to wear? I would totally wear the black leather pants / jacket at least once in my life

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Private sale on 2-Times, 50% for one-night only. Use code: 2XMPS50


Some cool Raf stuff still left... Mainly in M or L, but a couple of things in S.

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My card kept getting declined at their website, weird...

Was thinking of picking up a pair of Jil Derbies they fit big right? And anyone know who makes them?
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Try again, maybe? I've bought stuff from them before. Totally legit.

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>20 posts
>"totally legit"

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Where is my best chance of finding those raf simons gold chain oxford shoes from ss of last season in 45?
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There's a pair of silver ones in 42 if you want to pay above retail lol

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I have a pair of them in silver in size 44 that I bought for retail and have not worn at all.
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Originally Posted by Fycus View Post

>20 posts
>"totally legit"


Haha poorly phrased, I concede.

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I've been wanting a pair of the chain derbies but I wonder if rusting is an issue with them.
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chain derbies seem like one of those things that looks cool in the internet and you'll never wear IRL

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Thanks Adrian for your previous post - I'm, new to SF, and just bought a whole heap of clothes from 2-TIMES store.
They have Raf dip dye sweaters. The long sleeve are all sold out - but they do have short sleeve available in black/navy. 

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