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^add me to that list..
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I'm on the hunt for this Jil Sander belt at the moment, from the A/W '11 collection. If anyone sees one for sale/has one that they'd like to part with, I'm a size 85 or 90. All ears.
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I might have a 40 coming in the mail that I will sell. Just need to see how they fit.
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Originally Posted by andrewgreg View Post

Thank a lot Yoo. Please do that. I wonder why Gilt this time raf derby is so cheap. If they are the same shoe sold at PnB they should put there and selling at higher price? puzzled.gif
Anyway, Yes. Please compare the one from Gilt to PnB/Porter once it arrived. What size did you order?
Originally Posted by steveoffice View Post

hapsical speaks the truth!
btw i received the gilt derbies today (that was fast). and i am happy to announce that they are exactly the same as the ones i've purchased from mr porter fw11 thumbs-up.gif
also, last season p&b were selling them for $780; the corner and porter were selling them for $900. i have no idea why gilt stated the retail of these as $500.
Good to hear! I'm expecting mine to arrive today UPDATE: got the derbies, Stevie is correct, the quality, construction and leather on these are indistinguishable from the ones sold on MR Porter and Park & Bond. (update: I find that I can wear either 40 or 41 depending on hem sizes; if anyone has a new pair of 41s and wants to trade for a new pair of 40s, lemme know)

Raf is in NYC for fashion week, and seems to have arrived the day of the gilt sale. I wonder if he personally brought those fw11 pieces alien.gif

w/ Cathy Horyn

Originally Posted by Richmondfrank View Post

New copies of Redux are available here: I purchased a copy a few weeks ago. It's a little underwhelming but I still recommend it for Raf fans.
Originally Posted by adrianclement View Post

Thanks for the heads-up! I just ordered a copy.

thanks for sharing. that's a steal compared to those amazon used prices.
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Book looks legit, but $50...(I suppose it really isn't to bad considering it is over 200 pages)

This picture is very cool (from the preview)


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turns out raf is in NY to hand over to mike d the curator role for avant/garde diaries festival ...

video of last year's event, curated by raf

UPDATE: hapsical has a post about it
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Anyone has seen this knit in person?


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No...but make sure you buy it for your never to be seen wardrobe.
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I saw the short sleeve version (otherwise identical) at Holt Renfrew and I wasn't impressed. It's not as chunky/thick-gauge in real life as it looks in all the macro shots they are spreading around and the stretchiness felt sort of weird.
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GT r u talking about the one priced at 2800? Or same sweater just short sleeve?

The one I post price is 990
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I said "otherwise identical" for a reason. tongue.gif

It was this one in blue (same colourway as LS version you posted, both are 100% cotton) for 990 or 995:


The $2800 one was a nylon blend with a wide neck and the weave looked slightly different (I haven't seen it in person and AFAIK only Oki-Ni had it):

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Thanks. The 2800 one only oki-ni has it and sold out

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I would try on the other one if possible before buying, it has the stretchiness of a loose-weave fabric to it like I said (almost feels like some elastane content), but in addition to that, LVR told me "The sample size is the one that the model is wearing on the picture. The size 50 is the only one available to purchase and it fits really tight." Hard to say how those two factors would interact.
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I wear jil siz 52 knits. Size 50 is way too tight on the body. Places carry the sweater, oki-ni, bergdorf, LVR, and jil e-boutique. Bergdorf has some bigger sizes.
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Raf Simons holds a special place in my heart, he's the first designer that really got me into clothes. This piece is the first designer thing I've ever bought:


Kinda regret selling it, even though it felt like there were lice woven into it.

Here is my favorite tank, from Raf's S/S05 collection, (History of The World) excuse my ILS lol8[1].gif


For some reason I only have some of his tanks, from ss06, ss07, etc, nothing groundbreaking.

Raf Simons fw06 and Jil Sander fw07 are my alltime favorite collections, would do unholy things to get my hands on a few pieces.
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