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i wonder if any of you have and would sell either (or both) of these Raf Simons camel hats.
They were sold by parkandbond. Last week they popped back in my wishlist as available, but I ended up not buying because shipping to Europe was unreasonably high, $53 + $22 for customs tax. Gilt customer service said it was their standard rate and could not adjust. Thanks.

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My Jill Sander Chelsea boots came in the mail today from Yoox. Sadly, they are a touch too big for me. If anyone is interested, I can let them go for what I got them for which is only $265. Otherwise, I'm sending them back to Yoox. They are the ones pictured here:


The leather on these is really nice, and quality and construction is top notch. EU 41 but would work best for a sz 9.5-10 US IMO. Outsole measures 12 inches.
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When's ss12 Raf going to drop somewhere, seems like it's one of the last brands to trickle out frown.gif
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I know Aloharag has gotten some footwear, not on website yet.

Just re-read this oki-ni feature story about visit to raf ss12 showroom, definitely old but I think it still worth posting .. (I LOVE showroom photos)
As we left the showroom we grabbed a couple of minutes with Raf, asking him about the current state of men’s fashion and his plans for the future.

While there is a great deal of quality in menswear at the moment, he suggested, with beautiful products being produced beautifully, there isn’t much “fashion” going on. Quality products are currently being styled, without there being an overarching concept.

This idea is an interesting one. A focus on quality could reflect the realities of these hard economic times. Frivolity and idealism, perhaps, are luxuries reserved for the fat years rather than lean. Whatever the reason, Raf impressed upon us the importance of audience in his work. This season’s collection has been about consolidation and is a reaction to past troubles. Now that those kinks have been ironed out he can get back to putting the “fashion” back into menswear. From talking to him, it seems as if that is exactly what he will aim to do.

With that exciting prospect fresh in our minds, we left the showroom more excited than when we entered. Next year seems like a long way off, but for fans of Raf Simons it can’t come soon enough.

Another blog post about visit to raf ss12 showroom.

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VMAN has some backstage shots too... Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

From WWD
“I feel like I want to change something with the idea of men’s clothes: Bring more energy, bring more excitement,” Simons said after his daring show, whose oddities included colored locks of hair hanging down the back of shirts, jackets and coats. Once again, Simons subverted convention, lopping off suit pants at the knee and styling shirts as outerwear over other shirts. The main statement was oversize tailoring: Suit jackets and chunky overcoats that sometimes overwhelmed his young, sneaker-clad models. Simons took chances with color, too. Chunky waffle-knit sweaters came in mustard yellow, lime green and cobalt blue. Simons said he wanted to inject a street feel into the collection. The ombré sweatshirts and grungy bangs that often obscured models’ faces certainly added jolts of cool amidst a tame season.

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Supplementing the photos stevie posted earlier with these...

The show set — a black rubber runway and a graffiti-stained door — foreshadowed that Raf Simons would once again be exploring darker fashion territory. This nocturnal collection — with undercurrents of danger and kink reminiscent of “The Night Porter” — featured acres of black leather and other industrial-age fabrics glistening like car headlights on wet asphalt. It was another tour de force of tailoring for the Belgian designer, one of men’s wear’s most intrepid innovators, and still tipped as the front-runner to become the next couturier at Christian Dior in Paris. Simons said backstage he was keen to explore archetypal male clichés: the businessman, the father, the office nerd. Their wardrobes hinged on more formal fare: handsome greatcoats, sculpted suits with intricately seamed backs, and pristine shirts and ties. Simons made a convincing case for a variety of proportions, from pencil slim to voluminous and flaring. Longer line coats, either tightly cinched or hanging straight, were a major statement — and his loose leather peacoats and parkas were terrific. Asking if there was a bit too much black leather is like asking if The Village People liked disco. Only lunch-bag-shaped leather goods and sailor-suit flaps printed with childlike motifs of whales, fishes and dinosaurs added some levity. Still, Simons ignited the Milan men’s season with a directional, if divisive, show. Asked about those Dior rumors, the designer replied: “Nothing to say.”

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Oh god, I never noticed the Raf Nike wannabes until now.



That's the nail in the coffin of baller sneakers right there.
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Lots of Raf ss12 footwear just dropped at thecorner, my size for these already sold out frown.gif

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Bloody hell, my size is gone too.

Those had better be for sale all over the place, I actually want them!

EDIT: I emailed them to ask:
[...] Can you please let me know whether you have more sizes and/or more styles of Raf Simons ss12 shoes coming down the pipeline? If not, is it possible (if it comes to that) to place a special order since it's very early in the season?

This is the response I got:
Thank you for shopping at

Unfortunately, if the product of your choice is not available for online purchase, we invite you to visit our web site regularly for catalogue updates; you can also register to My Account to receive information on new arrivals and special promotions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Customer Care

He didn't even pretend to answer either of my questions, and the mostly irrelevant link he provided gives me a 404 error! Thanks for nothing you complete imbecile.
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those chain derbies are great. was hoping i was the only one who like em angry.gif
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Raf chain shoes are basically men's Chanel


Ohh (Click to show)

They are fucking expensive.
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Just noticed Aloha Rag has the front-only chain shoes (with the chain turned on its side). They are $1,105.

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Originally Posted by GoldenTribe View Post

Oh god, I never noticed the Raf Nike wannabes until now.
That's the nail in the coffin of baller sneakers right there.


That's by ASICS, not a NIKE wannabe.


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those full chain derbies on thecorner only have 9, 11, 12 left crazy.gif

Por Vocacao's showroom visit to Raf FW12, lots of photos

looks like a season without any velcros/astros/vandals/etc shog[1].gif and a lot of hats! Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Thanks for the link.


The Corner is kind of confusing. I checked this afternoon and it showed the blue fabric high-top as "sold out" but then it's back with a lot of sizes again. Same thing with the gold chain lac-ups, I didn't see size 11 or 12 last night. Could this be they are getting the stocks rather than being sold out? I'm gonna bank on Park & Bond. I was lucky enough to get the hook-and-leather lace up boots for $480 (original $1500). It sold out but i requested a wait list for my size and i got it a month later. I checked everyday!



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