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Coolest bottle sticker is Wild Turkey.

Would you describe the taste of it for the group?

I'm not the best at this. Wild Turkey 101 was the first bourbon I tasted. So for me, it's "The Bourbon Taste." The 101 is hot (alcoholic burn shouldn't be a surprise at 50% +) and I suspect that it was developed to drink over rocks, maybe with a shot of branch water added in for good measure. If I had to describe the taste I think that I would point to the vanilla and honey flavors that jump out at me from the first sip. There's also a kind of "hay-like" taste that comes through when you exhale. It's very pleasant. If you actually mix something with WT101, you'll still know that there's a bourbon base to the drink. I have a friend -- a very Southern friend -- who likes his with Ginger Ale (I recommend Northern Neck) making the classic Highball cocktail.