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Yohji, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Looser Fit (Yohji Yamamoto Thread) - Page 441

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Originally Posted by ProfMonnitoff View Post

I remember finding a few vintage shops that specialized in Yohji a while ago while browsing Rakuten, but can't remember their names anymore unfortunately. Will try Lumiere Vive in Osaka, but there were loads of other also that I forgot about.

Anyone know the names of those Rakuten stores mentioned here?

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Ragtag was quite disappointing at both the Shibuya and Harajuku locations. Stuff that wouldn't even move on Y!jp in a million years, and surprisingly high prices.

10tow on the other hand was great. More basic/staple type pieces, but a good selection (~20 jackets, 50+ shirts, etc) and range of sizes (most common is 2, but also a lot of 3 and some 4). Prices were about 1/3 Japanese retail, ie jackets for 25-40k etc.

The Yohji store on Omotesando is amazing, I would say it's the only real Yohji flagship. Paris and London don't compare. They have nearly every item from the YYPH runway collection as well as a good selection from other lines. Prices are roughly 1/2 of European retail. I also checked out a few select shops that stock YYPH, but to be honest there's not much of a point in going to them when the real store exists.

Will hopefully manage to make it to Osaka on a weekend as Lumiere Vive is only open Saturdays and Sundays. Their focus seems to be more on hard to find pieces from old seasons, with prices being pretty much the same as Japanese retail due to how rare the stuff is.

Also heads up to anyone looking for 10tow: The location on Google Maps is incorrect. It's the right block, but the wrong building. The correct location is on the Southern side of the block.
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Found this blazer last week. Fits spot on, but I just can't pull it off. frown.gif

AW 07. Look 8.

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hi i almost read the whole great thread. there was so much knowledge gathered during such a long period. i wanted to contribute some fit picks again and i hope the thread will become more lively again :-)


i love my double breasted reversable cotton/nylon jacket. it should be ss00 right?
it has this notable white yoji tag attachaed. i never saw it before on the interent.

anyone knows more about that jacket?



55% nylon

45% cotton

sz M


shouldn't it be a sz 3 (i thought the sizing was changed to numeric system in ss00)


i'm wearing


yyph fw2011 wool hat

yyph ss2011 cotton pants sz 3

y-3 ss2016 black/white qasa


on the last two photos:

same jacket

yyph late 90s wide cotton pants (garment code faded) sz s

y-3 fw2005 bag





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fw 2006 coat, but seems not be shown on the runway


material:100% wool
lining: 100 % cupro
sz 3

love the collar detail and the double zippers

yyph fw2011 wool hat

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i am building my yohji wardrobe since late 2013.


i hope the masters Ivwri ans Asobu will be posting more again.

What a bummer i was not contributing during the busy times of this great thread.



one of my favourite pieces


yyph ss2006 cotton, ramie, rayon jacket sz 2 (i love it, only the sleeves are a bit on the short hand)


i usually wear sz 3 on all yohji


y's yy / cotton frayed hems shirt sz 3

yyph ss2011 / cotton wide pants sz 3
yyph ss2012 / canvas sneakers sz 5

yyph ss2015 / rattan fibre hat



anyone knows which season the y's cotton shirt is (MZ-B16-017)? thanx



looking forward to see new fit pics.







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HB-J43-600 - i have that exact same jacket, one of my all time favorite yohji jackets smile.gif
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@ surver  yes its so lovely. you know if its from ss2000 ?


may you post a fit pic as well?

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Originally Posted by Sarabande View Post

@ surver  yes its so lovely. you know if its from ss2000 ?

may you post a fit pic as well?

i believe it's from ss95, actually...
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HB -- SS 95, SS 00, AW 06, SS12
HC -- SS 99, AW10

HD -- AW 12
HE -- AW 95, SS 02, AW 08
HF -- SS 96, AW 14
HG -- AW 96
HI -- AW 97
HJ -- SS 98, AW 04, SS 10
HM -- AW 02, SS 08
HN -- AW 99, AW 05
HO - SS 93, SS 11, SS 16
HP - AW 93, AW 11
HQ -- SS 03, AW 13
HR -- SS 06, AW 16
HS -- AW92
HT -- SS 94, AW 00, SS 07
HU -- SS97, AW 03, SS 15
HV -- AW 94, AW 01, SS 09
HX -- SS 01, AW 07, SS 13
HY -- AW 98, SS 05, AW 15
HZ -- SS 04, AW 09

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I found this really nice YYPH cardigan on Grailed from early Yohji according to the seller. Apparently there isn't any composition tag so how the heck can we actually determine the age and do you think it's worth it? Thanks! And sorry I'm still new to this.

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Hi Dellacruz,
welcome to the forum!

It should be a A/W piece.

Since it has the newer signature logo,
that was introduced with the AW 91 season
and it has the M sizing it is certainly from
a season between AW 91 and AW 99!
This i can tell you for sure!

The numerical sizing started with SS 00 and
the season codes were introduced in AW 92,
so if it really had no material tag, i would guess
it is from AW 91.

Maybe someone from the forum knows this particular cardigan,
and can identify the exact season.

From the photo it looks good, with a nice oversize silhouette.
What's the price?
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The seller has it listed for 400. He listed it as 8/10 condition due to some pilling. Just hesitant on if I should buy or not. I really like to know the full background of a piece before I buy ya know? 


Here's the description of said item:

Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme 
Heavyweight buttoned cardigan

Size M (Free size) 
Made in Japan 
No composition tag, probably made from a wool/nylon blend.

A very heavy knit from early Yohji Yamamoto, When I mean heavy I MEAN HEAVY. It's a very thick knit that creates it's own silhouette when worn. Features 2 pockets on the front and a couple of buttons.

8/10 - In good condition!

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Sure i understand. Always nice to hear about the history
of the garments. You could try to spot it on the runway

it seems a bit pricy to me! It's a nice item though and seems mint condition.

Sorry i can't help you more specify the exact season.
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