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Yohji, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Looser Fit (Yohji Yamamoto Thread) - Page 438

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Go to


type that then type /listings/523616-Yohji-Yamamoto-yyph-ss09-drYY-suit-sz1-2


Every one here knows Wire.artist right? The original YY ambassador way before this forum existed. My pal Wire has a truly desirable SS09 DR YY suit for some lucky fans here who can take this off him. Do shoot him a message to enquire if interested :cheers: 

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Just bought the W-Spread Charcoal Dyed Coat from Fascinate.


It's the first time I've actually bought something yohji full retail price now that I look at it.
Got a bit of extra cash and decided to buy myself something nice. I have a nice floral shirt and chainmail jumper that will go nice with it. Want to buy some slimmer yohji pants though to go with it: the light wool garbadine trousers from luisaviaroma would be nice but too expensive.


was it a mistake to pay full price for this?


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At what point is it a bad idea to size down on Yohji pants?
I'm typically a 34 waist (L/50) and have been pretty lucky with Yohji, I have 2 pairs of 4 YYPH (one pair I got in 2011, the other I got last year but are from 2013) and a pair of 3's and another that are not tagged from Y's (drawstring so I think they are the "free size" types, I don't know the era of either of these) and they all fit great. I just got a pair of final home wool gab pants that the seller said were not labelled, but based on his measurements they would fit. I just got them and they are tagged as a size 2 and fit perfect. Is this pretty much the case for all the Yohji lines? Just a lot of variance and you need to go off measurements more than anything?
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Well, I don't think there'll be too much connection between Final Home and Yohji sizing - It's designed by Kosuke Tsumura, who (I think) used to design for/work with Issey Miyake.
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Oops my bad, I meant Ground Y not final home, I think it was a line he did briefly for a boutique in Japan, like an in-house collaboration or something from what I could find.
(I've also bought a ton of Issey stuff lately, including some final home pants that are very Yohji-esq)
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hey David its Adrian

just found this forum by chance haha

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does anyone know what the stock at tokyo based stores would be like if I went mid/late June? Visiting over the summer, hoping there will still be a sizable amount of SS16 left.

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Hello Adrian.

I think people here will be in shock when they see your collection of Yohji pieces :slayer:

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hahaha as shock as they were when they knew about yours? lol

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i was there just this month and the deliveries are almost complete, in my case already had trouble finding size,  I normally wear 3  but this collection is pretty small in fit, and size 4 was difficult to find in particular for tops and jackets even size 3 was already sold out on many styles. but many styles i didnt try or ask. So you may find things that fit you.

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Originally Posted by kingsolomon View Post


One Sashiko blazer, one pair of wrap pants, one pair of normal cut pants and one shirt had been available for 2 weeks in a pop up store in Tokyo Shinjuku Isetan alongside the capsule collection Replica 1994 S/S ( Scarecrow ).

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Runway pic:

Bought my first vintage Yohji recently. From the fabric code, these pants look to be from the YYPH FW1998 season (I would love to get more pieces from this season, and using all female models of all shapes and sizes really illustrate the fact that YY looks good on pretty much everyone; more runway pics here) They use alpha-sizing instead of numerical dozing. I really like the patterns on this: it's alternating white and red broken stripes with a jacquard paisley print on top. From afar they just look like navy pants bit the subtle prints show up close. Very cool.
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Long time no posting a picture :)



YYPH AW09 wool fedora

YYPH SS16 Look 34 wool Yuuka Asakura Sketch Long Blazer

YYPH SS16 Look 34 duo-cotton Yuuka Asakura Sketch LS Shirt

YYPH SS12 Suspenders

YYPH SS16 Look 34 wool Yuuka Asakura Sketch Low Crotch Suspender Pants 

YFM AW06 leather Creepers


Until Next Time :) 

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pretty new here so hello everyone


anyone know if it's still possible to get this blazer? It's from ss15 I believe



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