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Yohji, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Looser Fit (Yohji Yamamoto Thread) - Page 349

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not feeling any of the black looks. everything is cut so close to the body that video is pretty much not needed for most looks.. the two set of colourful looks are probably the best thing in the whole collection. what a palette! and of course the burgundy knit with blue sleeves is out of this world, so mysterious. 

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i'm with kiko here, the colorful looks are the meat in this pie. the knits are indeed gorgeous. i could totally relate this with junya watanabe's last sporstwear inpired collection (underrated collection big time)
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Also thanks for posting those YYF SS14, the power of the media/www nowadays enables us to see these pictures within hours of the show. Wish we were there like last September since being there does change the perception of the show especially motion. Eager to see a video soon. His use of non-black, vivid colours and techno fabrics does seem to follow on from his YYPH SS14. Maybe it's market driven, maybe it's a reflection of his re-vitalized energy and upbeat mood? Who knows.....The superb asymmetry and tailoring is still there.




How this collection follows SS14? More like YYPH SS13. No techno fabrics too. 


The cuts are similar to few jacket I've handle from SS99 and SS00. Also the gathered sleeve heads go back to SS10. Just looked closely and the other favorite of mine are the digital camo looks which reminding back to SS06. Wish there were more pocket looks like the neon one which hint AW04... 

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@Kiko looks like you're more clued up than I am regarding YY Femme icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

So you and Wire like the non-black sections, my wife and I like the noir bits. Something for everyone, a pretty decent Runway presentation this SS14 then. Finally I wonder if any of these Looks are Regulation.......
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Been wearing this shirt a lot lately. So comfy :-)

(cupper: zippered shirt, it's made of polyester, very thin and translucent, i generally just throw it over a shirt and wear it open. though i've some idea of incorporating it with other zippered garments.)
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Jersey rayone and velour. Casually.

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Does anyone know the season of this YYPH jacket Benesyed is wearing? I haven't noticed it before in any of the runway pictures I've seen.


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I've had this wool jacket for awhile now and it seems to be getting very little wear since it never gets cold enough here for wool jackets.  It's pre-code, so I'm assuming it's around 88-92? (Maybe someone can correct me?)  It's a size medium and I would love to trade it with someone here for another YY piece.  Offers are fine too though.  Figured I post it here before putting it up on ebay since I saw a similar one on there not too long ago.






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Does anyone know the season of this YYPH jacket Benesyed is wearing? I haven't noticed it before in any of the runway pictures I've seen.

YYPH SS05 Look 37/38 .......
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this is non-runway. two similar jacket at ss05

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Thanks David and Kiko. I actually looked briefly at SS 2005, but somehow missed these. I think it's because the runway photos I've found are all from fairly far away, so the details aren't clearly visible. But I can see them now. Funny, I wouldn't have picked it for a spring/summer jacket. To me, and in the photo Benesyed posted, the fabric of the jacket looks quite thick, so I was expecting it to be a winter piece, with a weight similar to the "parachute" jacket that both David and I own. I've found a suit, which I think is the look below (the trousers are not on the runway). The trousers for the suit have an extra white or cream linen lining from the knee down, which can be turned up, as is done in many of the looks in this collection. I'm actually glad it's a summer piece, because I need some lighter jackets and trousers. Most of my YYPH stuff is on the heavier side 

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A package arrived today, but annoyingly, the boots I ordered are damaged. I thought I would ask if anyone can give me some advice. If Kiko is right, these boots are from the AW 2004 collection, which makes them 9 years old. The top is in very good condition, with almost no marks, and only very light wrinkling in one spot. The bottom of the rubber soles is also barely worn. However, the soles themselves (which are a lot like Dr. Martens soles) started peeling off as soon as I put the boots on and walked around the lounge room. In one case, the sole is now peeled off almost halfway. My first thought was that the previous owner had either tried replacing the original sole themselves, or had it done by a not very competent shoe repairer.


However, this seems unlikely. I can't see how someone could have totally trashed the first sole, thus necessitating a replacement, while keeping the uppers in such beautiful condition. Also, the rubber sole is made in Italy. I don't know much about replacement DM style soles, by I would assume they are made in China or somewhere similar.


So, my thought is that this must be the original sole, and that the boots have been sitting, unused, for many years, causing the glue to go brittle. I've never replaced a sole of this type, so my question to the DM wearers out there: Does this look like something that can be easily and solidly fixed by being glued on by a good shoe-repairer? Or does it look like I should ask for a refund and send the shoes back? To be honest, I'm kind of surprised that a YPPH boot like this would only be glued, and not also stitched. Any thoughts? Here are some photos: 



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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sadly yy shoes are rubbish, my aw09 1250 $ frankestein sneakers fell apart in 5 days

loads of glue chez yy...only thing worth buying are his collabs with other brands, but then i feel like a shithead paying so much for docs with a zipper.

those bots are from the 90's, and you should ask for a refund, that sole will never stay in place.
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@Arche you can try to look at the insole if you can see the code to decipher the season.


Wire is right about YY shoes' quality, some recent ones are now made in China as well. Just buy DM from now on or collabs.

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