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Yohji, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Looser Fit (Yohji Yamamoto Thread) - Page 335

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Jacket - YYPH HT-J67-046 100% cotton (I suspect SS07 cos of the placement of a double row of buttons & button holes running down the side. Reminds me of some of the jackets with a similar outline running down their sides as well). Picked up this jacket off Y! a while back and truly it has become my go to jacket for everything. Goes best with cropped pants in my humble opinion, but it absolutely works with almost everything. Five buttons down the front with a clip at the top of the collar to do it up completely. Ten buttons down each side with twenty button holes running in parallel allowing for a tighter buttoning profile or a looser one. The side view picture should show how they are laid out I think. All nice Yohji buttons with the reverse detail on all buttons.

Tshirt - YYPH 100% cotton tshirt. Can't remember season now, probably AW10. Basic substantial cotton tshirt.

Belt - Comme des Garçons Homme Plus suede belt with gold topstitching SS11.

Pants - YYPH HE-P10-100 (probably AW08). The 100 gaba wool is slightly dryer than I am used to, but still the typical trans-seasonal fabric with great drape. I don't think these are supposed to be cropped actually as these ones are a size 2! Humongous waist as I need to wear them with a belt. I like the cropped look though so no problems. They have three pockets down the left side one side pocket and two flap pockets on top of that, doesn't come through really well in the pictures I don't think, but it is a great detail and allows one to distribute pocket load without spoiling the shape of the pants. Thanks again Kiko icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Sandals - Burberry Prorsum SS11

EDIT - Aitor Throup Shiva skull bag DSM edition. Black with grey pinstripes, waterproof zippers with two compartments (one in the mouth and the other on the head of the skull). Goes perfectly with Yohji wardrobe hehe. Is also deceptively big. Can easily take a small notebook, wallet and pens or most of the smaller micro four-thirds cameras. (Again, Kiki hooked it up!)
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yo do you guys get friends to take these pictures, or are you asking strangers? I used to have a bunch of photo journalism friends in school, and they'd take pictures of absolutely everything and everyone all the time, esp if someone was dressed well.  but now i would have to ask a stranger or try to coach a current friend through shooting...musicboohoo[1].gif

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nothing exciting, just comfort today.

SS12 dark green/khaki ramie cap
Y's SHIRTS patchwork shirt (with a big velvety patch in middle lol)
SS12 (i assuming) green/khaki cotton trousers in very light material, though not at all like the cotton on my other pair of ss12 sand/khaki trousers with exposed seams.
oliver peoples japan-made vintage frames
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Cool look Ivwri, you forgot to mention the supercool AT Shiva Bag and the cool walls :)


I can verify your jacket is SS07 since I have the sz 2 Look 40 3B lapel blazer in military green with identical semi-detachable side panels but the code is HT-J68-047... 100% cotton, no idea why yours is 046...


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



Really liking these slouchy Overall + Blazer/Coat combos from SS07 lately.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




YYPH SS10 Fedora Hat - ( HJ-H03-965 ) - black, 100% polypropylene


YYPH SS07 Suspender Coat ( HT-C06-046 ) - non-Runway piece, size 2, 100% soft hand cotton. Trick shoulder panels and apertures for the optional integrated suspender look.


YYPH SS07 Look 22 Overall - ( HT-D01-092 ) - in black, size 2, 100% cotton. A killer piece and a grail.


YYPH AW05 LS Tee - ( HN-T59-063 ) - 100% cotton, white, size 1. 


YY x Adidas AW08  Leather/Fabric YY G8 Zip Boots ( HE-E02-721 ) - size 2.


These pictures were taken a long while ago, still recovering atm from Paris.

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@jplay51 I take my photos myself most of the time. Self-timer plus a good surface to place the camera tends to work great. Other than that, my wife or rarely other people, just friends etc.

@david Yeah! I think I forget about this bag often. Carry it everywhere now. Think I should look out for another one this coming AW13 season so I can do camera in one then other effects in the other hehe (I wish!). Wall will be introduced when it is good and ready wink.gif

Also, thanks for the confirmation on the jacket. You are still making me envious with your overalls!
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Awesome looks guys !

@jplay51 I usually find a flat surface or have a tripod (I take photos as often as I can, and mostly not of myself :-p ) and then find a good spot to set manual focus and exposure length, set timer and go!
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Jacket - YYPH HT-J67-046 100% cotton (I suspect SS07 ...


Ivwri, I can confirm that this is SS07 as I have the same one (but in green) - purchased at the Aoyama shop during the SS07 season. 

Sounds like yours will see some heavy use as well.  

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Visited the Great Smokey Mountains over long weekend, no bears spotted despite my best efforts :-/

Received several items lately, here is AW06 wool trousers simliar to what DavidLee had worn some time back, though I think there are even more pockets on mine ! The gently flap with each stride, as if carrying me along...perhaps like a dragonfly :-)

details (Click to show)

cotton/wool/linen :: Damir Doma ss11
metal :: Oliver Peoples vintage madeinjapan
linen :: Uniqlo
wool :: YYPH aw06
canvas/rubber :: Cons

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Great pants, yours are Look 8 with the Fencing Blazer, mine Look 9. Very nice wool gabardine ain't it? Yours are better imo and even better worn cropped smile.gif
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never learned how to do "runway" look. damn.

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Cross post from WAYWT


Originally Posted by spacepope View Post

so a Y's for Men suit came in the mail courtesy of zapatiste fistbump.gif This suit is definitely on the more conventional side, though there is just enough "off" that it's still distinct. 80% Cotton 20% Linen. S/S 2006. Reminds me of an old Engineered Garments jacket I used to have, so hopefully the fabric will age beautifully. Current plan is to get it as rumpled and wrinkly as possible.





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reminds me of the feature article on iwri

partner in crime; mr. grey
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i could had sent it straight to you if i knew you want it.

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haha well i wanted it , just didnt end up fitting like i'd hoped ! sharing caring :-)
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Anyone on here grab those blue kimono cloth trousers from eBay? Price was amazing. I would've picked them up myself but I'm not buying anything right now, though at that price it was incredibly tempting. Would love to see pics of them worn (hint hint...if it was someone here anyway)
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YYPH SS10 Fedora Hat - ( HJ-H03-965 ) - black, 100% polypropylene mesh. 




Blazer - ( HX-J20-203 ) - in matte black. 70/15/15 rayon/linen/ramie, dry hand and very breathable with a vintage feel. Size 2 with a long silhouette + ultra-long sleeves ( perhaps made for the master himself to choose from at end of catwalk? He's fond of folding jacket/coat sleeves ) Notch lapels + 3B closure, 3B cuffs, non-working. Sleeves + half body double lined in cupro. 3 inside pockets, 1 chest + 2 bottom flapped pockets, 1 rear vent. " NOT FOR SALE " applique in 100% white polyester at the back. NOT FOR SALE = WHY SO SERIOUS


Pants - ( HX-P29-203 ) - double lined in cupro, size 2, big waist, baggy with a sharp taper and narrow hems. 7 belt loops, 2 buttoned back pockets, 2 side pockets. Lightly pressed front/back middle creases.


Uniqlo SS Tee, CDG H+ Belt, CAUSE SHOES x George Cox Leather Monkeys in black.  

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